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In 2016, after an incident targeted at my neighbours on the ground floor in the small building in which I currently live that coincided with crap carried out in my flat while I was out, I spoke with this Mr Murphy over the phone, while I was waiting for a train at Fratton train station (on my way for Suzanne Hulscher who undoubtedly has no more faith left in me, for which I can’t blame her at all).

Really, Mr Murphy?! Just local youngsters doing these kinds of things, so no big deal?

Mr Murphy indicated that the lock-picking was no big deal in his view, that it was just local youngsters who were doing this and who were going into my flat all the time. Really?! We made an appointment to meet, at the building. Mr Murphy never showed up.

A colleague in Amsterdam suggested at some point that is this Mr Murphy who is doing or arranging all these things. I dismissed that at the time, but I have since started to wonder if there could be an element of truth to it. After all, anything is probably possible here locally…

I now have four cheap locks on my door but they all still get picked. I can’t be away for longer than 1 to 2 hours. This is all considered normal and fully acceptable in Portsmouth? FFS!

(I have seen the locks to the local LibDem office get picked too. Hey, like I said, that kind of thing is considered perfectly normal here. Or does one of their staff live across the street, his window commanding a direct view of that door?)

My landlord and his staff almost never respond to any communications from us tenants and the neighbours on the ground floor and I have gotten so used to this that, for years, we have been taking care of many things here that the landlord does not do a thing about such as make the lock on our own front door functional again – though not effective – after it jams.

I’ve installed draft excluders, repainted the bathroom (which had been painted with a completely inappropriate paint) and I’ve fixed the fence a few times with materials purchased at Wilko and Poundland. And during the first lockdown, the neighbours took discarded bed slats, sawed them into the right lengths and used them to fix the fence.

I’ve also communicated with Hampshire Fire & Rescue about various matters here – after I first went to the landlord’s office about some of them and was ADMONISHED for taking care of them – and I’ve removed a developing hazard from a nearby patio. (That is not owned by the same landlord, but is owned by an outfit that – as it happens – took care of some of the issues that our landlord did not want to deal with and that were even partly his doing.)

I know that one former tenant – Dzwonkowski – carried out some role – not sure what he actually did – for the landlord, for the front building for a short while. I’ve found my landlord’s outfit too unprofessional to want to offer myself up for something similar.

Also, yes, moving out would facilitate the process of moving on – of course – but it would be more expensive than taking care of security and right now, with the lockdowns, moving is more complicated. (Another big issue with my flat, however, is the HUGE amount of dust in the indoor air here. It undoubtedly comes from the carpet. I’d like to have vinyl on the floors. Much more hygienic. Does not have to cause any sound issues. I would really hope to be able to do something in that area too, but it is of a very different nature than the locks issue – more a luxury – and, other than that, I am relatively happy with this flat. Things could be a lot worse.) Never mind; sounds bonkers under the circumstances. That said, it is undoubtedly a very unhealthy situation as the amount of dust here is currently truly “insane” (been getting much worse for some reason). Lots of fibres. Particularly in my home office.

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The “Clair Stevens” thing (continued)

I just received another message from her:

“Hello Angelina, I’m sorry that you feel this way, I am going to get in touch with our Information Governance team and ask if it would be ok for me to send you a photo of my ID Badge. If I can, would this be acceptable to you?”

It sounds rather bizarre.

I was going to write back to her

“Dear Clair,

I do not “feel” this way. I am just being a responsible 21st-century citizen who appears to be much more aware of the digital reality of today than you. “

I am not so sure that I want to.

There has been a little bit too much of this “you feel this way” in her communications. Why does she have so much trouble showing to me that she is who she says she is? Why is she often so vague when I ask her clear questions? Why can’t ANY of her colleagues at PCC confirm that she is who she says she is?

Why did that message that I was typing to her disappear off my screen the other day and why did the CC addresses disappear from the next message I then started writing? I want to cover my ass in this bizarre stalking and bullying story that Portsmouth has been for me from the start. Why does nobody step forward to convey that this woman is who she says she is?

What she is doing is demonstrating the essence of spoofing, the way in which so many people get scammed at the moment when they are contacted by people who are not who they claim to be. The time she is taking over this suggests to me that she might be creating something to e-mail me that is not genuine either.

Why was I unable to call the number from when her call came when the call was dropped when she first called me?

There have been other occurrences not entirely unlike this and the hacker – whoever it is – has indicated that it was part of the “game” he plays.

I will have to do some thinking about this.

With all the offices continuing to be closed, I cannot verify independently that she is who she says she is. Is she the same woman who called herself Clare Simmonds, a few years ago, and who did something a little similar, to do with a dog?

Okay, so this – see below – is what I am writing back and then I will put her out of my mind because…

all she does is gobble up my attention, doesn’t she?

Dear Clair,
Thank you for your message. You do not sound convincing at this point.
I am being a responsible 21st-century citizen who appears to be much more aware of the digital reality of today than you, that is, IF you are who you say you are.

There is no way for me to verify independently that you are who you say you are. I cannot assess in advance whether anything you send me will even be remotely acceptable. You could be sending me a child’s drawing of an ID badge, for example.
If you are legit, shouldn’t you have come up with an answer to the question as to whether there is any funding that can help me secure my door by now?

On the phone, you said that I had a lot going on. NO, I DO NOT. I have much too little going on and I want my life back. In order to do that, the first step I must complete is make my door more secure so that the lock-picking stops.
I have meanwhile started two crowdfunding actions and the locksmith has been. I have received two donations, one for £25 and one for £100. One of those donations came from a lawyer who has stayed with me here in Portsmouth when all this began. She, at the time, also noticed a few strange things in my surroundings; she also visited The Cellars at Eastney with me.

When you and I spoke, Clair, there were angles that you did not pursue and should have, if you are who you say you are. Some of the questions you asked, on the other hand, suggested that you know who has been doing these strange activities that we were talking about and why. 

In addition, have you spoken with Steve Pitt in the meantime? 

I look forward to hearing your answers to my questions at this point (funding for securing my door and asking Steve Pitt for details). We’ll take it from there.
You see, this sort of contact has happened before and my hacker indicated that it is all just part of the “game” that he plays… He calls it a game, yes.

Best regards,
Angelina Souren