I know it’s late. I am still reeling a little bit that someone contacted me through spoofed e-mail, then called me, pretending to be a social worker.

In the past 11, 12 years, that kind of thing has happened quite a few times, but never as invasive  like this.

Makes you feel violated. As a foreigner in the UK, knowing you only have rights on paper but not necessarily in practice, you feel vulnerable enough. I thought that the whole story was quite odd from the beginning, the bland way in which she communicated by e-mail, for starters, but I didn’t want to end up like Bijan Ebrahimi and being labelled as god knows what.¬†

During the call, she talked as if she knew more about what was going on than I. There were points when she clearly should have asked more and didn’t.

When I demanded to see some kind of ID, she ignored that so that I had to push for it and she still would not give me any, instead replied that I would have to take her e-mail address as ID (yeah, right), I knew I was dealing with a spoof.

Yuck. England can be a really creepy country at times.

I suspect that someone out there just wanted to hear how violated and powerless all the lock-picking and other kinds of similar local crap has made me feel.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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