But racism? Nah, doesn’t exist in the UK

(I am so pleased he is suing. It’s been enough! And he’ll be creating a better world in doing so. Suing the Met.)

Sorry, this just turned up in my stream. It’s over six months old but still highly relevant and undoubtedly active.

When I searched for more, I found this:

The OTHER lock problems at my address continue

I can’t get to my postal mail as once again, the lock to the back door of the front building is jammed. I’ve reported this problem to the landlord and his staff repeatedly.

Had not seen any mail for anyone in this building for days, so I decided to go over. “Oh, that’s why, again” I realised when I tried to open the door and couldn’t.

The front door to the front building often cannot be closed when someone leaves through that door. (I often walk by it to see it standing open and when I try to pull it closed, find that I can’t. The lock won’t close.) I’ve also reported this problem to the landlord and his staff repeatedly.

Both issues have existed for at least five years, I estimate.

The problem with the lighting in our building won’t go away either by the landlord merely conveniently looking the other way. I solved it temporarily, with strings of twinkly lights and a timer. The landlord and/or his staff took all of those but because it meant we were literally in the dark again, I put up the remaining string that I still had.

My landlord is a soulless amateur, clearly.

That is what you might think. No, I think he is into deliberate slum creation, buys up and whips up small properties that he essentially lets go to waste – though he is good at pretending to make an effort – because it means that this will make it easier to tear down the buildings in due course – planning permission – and then, after that, he makes his real ROI.