Found my phone’s bluetooth on again this morning

But my phone is cold. Yes, cold.

And yes, I am pretty sure that I am not getting all my e-mail.

Also, somehow, stuff from my eyes is making it into my throat. Via the tear ducts? I found an eyelash (!) in my mouth yesterday and traces of eyeliner in my mucus a little earlier. The latter has happened before, relatively recently.

I have pigment dispersion syndrome in both eyes and I take eye drops to combat the effects of that. I know that my eye drops can acerbate asthma and can also “cause coughs” so I press my tear ducts shut after I apply the eye drops to stop them from getting into my system.

Unfortunately, the dropper bottle is not well designed and I often end up with the stuff all over my face, so some of it gets absorbed by the skin and still gets into my system.

But I am not quite sure what to make of what is happening right now. Do my eye drops somehow widen my tear ducts? My lungs are clear. 

These eye drops also cause new eyelash growth. I have to extract eyelashes – some of them grey-white – growing inside the corner of my eye from time to time as they can cause irritation. Do I have eye lashes growing inside of me, ha ha?

The various issues with my eye drops are the reason why I want an assessment of whether I’d be a good candidate for surgery – when the pandemic eases. 

Update 17 February 2021: I think that the “eyelash” was a plucked eyebrow hair that made it into my coffee or food. That solves that mystery!

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