Ouch! (moulds)

I just discovered lots of moulds on one window. Only one window pane.

I quickly identified the source of the moulds (washer’s drain tube) and – thereby – the source of my recent excessive mucus production and annoying cough as well, I am sure.

(It also explains why I had started to look a bit washed out. Pale. It goes with allergies. Hay fever used to do that to me too, back in Amsterdam. Did you know that looking pale can also lead to otherisation? Because people subconsciously associate it with someone not being very healthy. Ancient biological mechanisms kick in. Yes, there’s been research into this.)

Consider the moulds tackled!

Also… I have an AirFree air purifier that is great for moulds and dust mites and other allergens, but I had not been using it for a while. Another lesson learned. (Keep the thing on!)

Next morning: Holy cow! My horrible cough is gone, the thick mucus is gone, the clogged sinuses are no longer clogged and I have a LOT more energy. Yep, that’s allergies for ya! Just a little bit of mould and things go haywire. Allergies affect my muscles, too. And many people’s moods as well.

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