Good morning!

Okay, so besides the play on me saying “I love solving problems” and someone out there deliberately creating lots of problems for me – after all, that would make me happy, right? – there are other themes that play a role in the strange circus that I have become a part of.

One of those is “you receive what you focus on”.

So I spent a lot of time cleaning etc yesterday, but I also spent time on my website. (Keep in mind that all or a lot of my e-mail gets grabbed.) For the past few days, I seem to have been receiving much less mail but what I did receive this morning was an e-mail about my site stats. I rarely get those these days.

I’ve also once mentioned in the past (in England) that someone – Marijke Visser, in fact – said that I really needed a secretary and perhaps that controlling IT whizz in the background of my life sees himself as my secretary. He often manages to give things that he thinks I will be interested in more attention in my e-mail – one way or another – and he is often right about that. Think of for example a particular TED Talk. The site stats, however, are not part of my focus.

That said, my site seemed to get many more views when I had “stalking” and “bullying” in the description at the top. As people might not relate those topics to diversity, maybe I should add them back. Okay. Will do.  

On my website, I get lots of likes from two or three autism profiles. Not much else.

Having been in the grip of an IT whizz out there for so long in combination with being in a culture that is very different from the cultures I have known before is an interesting experience that requires you to be very well grounded.

I’m Dutch, though far from “typically Dutch”. In many ways, I am more of an American than a Dutchwoman. But having it really helps that the Dutch are probably the most down-to-earth people on the planet. Brits have to remind themselves to stay calm, by contrast.

I plan to make another video today. As long as the hacking continues – and it still does – there is not a heck of a lot I can do professionally. But I can make videos and attempt to educate, broaden people’s views on diversity and change mindsets. 

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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