Hacking: Tampa Bay area water system contamination

Are you going to tell me now that these people, too, simply do not know how computers work and should get with it or become delusional when under stress? Must be the pressure of the pandemic that causes that stress. They’re merely imagining it. </sarcasm>


Pinellas County is where I used to live. I’ve visited one of its water facilities. A different one.

The socks story

In July 2020, someone took 5 to 10 pairs of black socks with colourful accents – making them so much easier to match, hence saving time – from my dirty laundry while I was out (and apparently also dumped a bit of what looked like cigarette ash into my laundry basket; it floated when I started doing the laundry).

When I was folding my socks away a little while ago this morning, I discovered that I now have more pairs of a particular type of black sock. I used to have 4 of those socks. Two pairs. Now I have quite a few more.