The Clair Stevens thing wrapped up?

I just had another sudden message from this “person”. It contained mostly BS (” I know that you did not want any more contact with me”), so she indeed does not exist IRL. She can’t possibly. Not as a PCC employee in any case. 

I have told her to go find another hobby. Ugh.



4 thoughts on “The Clair Stevens thing wrapped up?

  1. I just wrote back:

    “Dear Clair,

    If you are serious – and legit, which I highly doubt, but then again, England doesn’t work the way the rest of the western world works – then you can work on getting my housing benefits reinstated for now. You do not need to talk with me about that; you can work on that from your end.

    It is not my desire at all to have to apply for benefits all the time, but I cannot respond to postal mail that I do not receive, after all and I cannot make a living as long as people keep picking the locks and hacking into my equipment.

    I have meanwhile contacted the local MP, I have crowdfunded a better lock and I am meeting with the landlord.



    I’d previously replied that what she wrote was bollocks and to go pester someone else, but the truth is that Portsmouth DOES often work in really bizarre ways. And only cat food and cat litter are the same in England as in other countries (and dog food). Nothing else is.


  2. I need the council’s cooperation. I have NO ACCESS to relevant information and must rely on what my landlord tells me (and have no way of proving anything if my landlord’s information is incorrect because I personally have NEVER received housing benefits). That’s crazy.

    I’ve set up a related petition:

    I am also still waiting to receive a copy of a form that apparently was sent to me as well.

    I received information that was both erroneous (“change in circumstances”?) and contradictory (benefits cancelled AND increased) from the council shortly after the first lockdown started and the Civic Offices closed. When the Civic Offices reopened a little bit, I dropped off a letter to GVJ about this to which I received no reply. I did receive a letter in JANUARY 2021, which was sent in AUGUST 2020, which apparently was intended to serve as reply to my letter to GVJ.

    Neither the council nor my landlord want me to support myself, apparently, as so far neither have been willing to help me remedy the problems at this property that I have been fighting for years. Remember that my landlord did NOT show up for an appointment I made with him during a phone call on 31 October 2016.

    Why should GVJ get to make a living while I with capabilities and qualifications that are at least as good as his apparently am not supposed to?

    For the record, the communication that my benefits had increased was the later of the two.

    Also for the record: I HATE having to depend on benefits. I hate it. I was allowed to support myself in Amsterdam and I was allowed to support myself in Southampton.


  3. Yesterday, on Twitter, two people pointed me toward the existence of a register for social workers and one said that social workers are not allowed to operate without being registered. I clicked on the link, and the register does indeed show that no “Clair Stevens” is a social worker in Portsmouth. The person who called me could have pointed me toward this register.

    I also checked the register of temporary registrations. She is not on it.

    There is no point in reporting this to Social Work England.

    There is a social worker who goes by that name, elsewhere, but it likely has nothing to do with her.

    There’s been a “Clare Simmonds”, before, who also acted like she was some kind of psychologist or similar – but never claimed she was – and I suspect that these people are just tricked into acting as flying monkeys within the sadistic stalking context that has been plaguing me for over twelve years.


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