My electricity account has been CLOSED YET AGAIN? Who keeps doing this?

Dammit!!! That would be the umptieth time!

(Let’s hope that it is just a technicality this time. But I am fed up with various accounts being closed and transferred all the time not to mention with so much of my postal mail disappearing. So this had better be a technicality.)


I am also being FLOODED with robocalls from one other electricity company.


Update 14 February 2021
Yes, I am now deliberately posting this relatively private information online. Do you know how annoying it is to have to start calling companies and tell one of them that they DO have your account even though they can’t find it and when they tell you about postal mail that you never got and refuse to tell you the name of the person who opened the account for you – for privacy reasons – while they do tell you that it wasn’t you?
The screen I get when I log in is about the same was what I got about a year ago. It was NOT what I got on my screen on the day that I signed up again, however.


Here is the earlier screen, from about a year ago:

I got this by e-mail, yesterday, but that kind of thing also happened, about a year ago. I continued to get e-mails from the previous provider as well as if I was still their customer. I never got any communications from the actual provider. The key had one name on it, the receipts another, but neither were supplying my energy.

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