New developments (Murphy (?)/Portsmouth City Council)

Just now I discovered that the directions that I had stuck onto the front door so that people can find OUR door has disappeared. It has not been ripped away – which sometimes happens – but it has carefully been removed while my downstairs neighbours’ notice is still on the door.

So, what may happen next is that Murphy will let the guy in 6E – Murphy unwittingly gave too much away yesterday – state that I am, say, a sex worker and that my clients are causing a lot of problems?

Whatever. As I wrote earlier today, I already got really fed up with the other malicious gossip that has been spread about me behind my back too, ranging from “she is demented / not right in the head and potentially dangerous” to “she’s committing fraud”. So I cannot rule out anything. Time will tell!


It could also be the case that we will get a proper sign and a proper mailbox and that they are using my directions as a template. (Yeah, right.)

Money isn’t everything, but landlords who force their tenants to live in poverty or who force £300 a month electricity costs in winter time on their tenants – if their tenants want to keep their homes normally warm  – because the landlords cannot be bothered to consider the position of a tenant are just shooting themselves in the foot.

The practice of using inappropriate materials and blaming the consequences of that on tenants is not one I have a lot of appreciation for either.

So, Mr Murphy et al., before the next rumour about me start circulating, I am not barricading myself in the flat; I am creating the conditions that will eventually enable me to leave the flat and maybe even move to London or some other place where women like me are allowed to breathe more freely.

I haven’t heard from anyone at Portsmouth City Council in weeks now and am still waiting to receive a copy of a form that they mentioned in one of their e-mails. Not that it is important, as my issue has always been and remains “WHY AM I NOT ALLOWED TO SUPPORT MYSELF IN PORTSMOUTH?” (and more generally “live my life” here). (Did I go through a phase in which I tried too hard to adjust to the local conditions? Undoubtedly. Should not have made a difference.)

Me, I just want my life back. Including making my own living, whether people in Portsmouth like it or not. It’s the 21st century, not the middle ages. Women are allowed to make a living. They do not need to be owned and supervised by men or whatever. 

(And no, I am not talking about the pandemic and its lockdowns. I am mostly talking about all the bizarre crap that happened after I moved to Portsmouth at the start of 2009.)

So I am reclaiming my life step by step so that I can also make a living again, goddammit. It’s crazy that, apparently, only men are allowed to make a living in Portsmouth. It’s the 21st century.

The Grant Murphy saga

I’ve been told that “someone with a clipboard” was at the property yesterday, but the person who told me could not confirm whether it was Grant Murphy. So it could have been anyone, even someone merely walking around with a clipboard and writing down things for show but not really doing anything of relevance. Impossible to tell.

This is what I wrote to him yesterday at 3:44 PM:

“Hello there Mr Murphy,

This message has a “BCC” to the expert mentioned below.

It’s now 3 and a half hours after our original appointment time and I still have not heard back from you. Maybe you had a computer malfunction. 
That said, I am now telling you to be at the front door of 6 Kingston Road at noon on Tuesday 16 February 2021.

My problem is that I am not an expert on locks. The locks in the front building sometimes work and sometimes don’t and I am not able to demonstrate to you what is wrong with them. It is for example quite possible that the front door merely needs a good grip/handle that allows people to pull the door closed properly. But I can’t tell. I think that the lock in the back door needs to be replaced with a different type, one that does not require people to rotate the handle upwards because I suspect that that may be the problem. But again, I don’t know a thing about locks.
So I have asked an expert to be available. That expert could not be there today; this is why I had to reschedule.

What I also suggest that you do is slowly replace all existing 5 lever deadlocks on all your tenants’ doors and buy one extra – and I strongly suggest that you purchase those from the local company whose assistance I have requested – so that you can start rotating these locks when tenants move out, to increase security. It’s a small effort with a big effect. The present 5-lever deadlocks can easily be picked and they too jam sometimes; I have heard other tenants struggle with them and mine just started to jam as well. As you know, there has been one robbery in the ground-floor flat – by now years ago; those tenants moved out then even though they had only just moved in – in which apparently simply a former tenant’s keys were used. You probably have other buildings that use the same locks; they do not suffice, sadly.

I am making a point of the rubbish because this issue has been dragging on for many years. (Also, I did not appreciate being admonished for taking care of rubbish when that happened.) In practice, it is probably better to wait until we’ve had the first week of warm weather again. I don’t want your staff to have to deal with more muck than absolutely necessary and, as you know, I have previously offered to help. 

You can fix the lights in the staircase in the rear building properly – does not have to be that costly, but always using the cheapest things possible often becomes much more costly over time – later; the twinkly lights will suffice for now.

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, Mr Murphy. I will not deal with anyone else because they always refer to you for all decisions.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Angelina Souren”

And this is what I wrote to him at 6:27 pm:

“Dear Grant,
Your reply is despicable and in direct ignorance of government guidelines.

And this is what I am writing to the other tenants:


12 February 2021

Hi all,

As I don’t know a thing about locks, I decided to ask a locksmith to be present. The locksmith was not able to make it on the the 10th.

I informed Murphy of this before 10 am and heard back from him at 5:30 pm.

Assuming that the e-mail was indeed coming from him and not spoofed, he wrote back as follows:

  • He can’t make any of the other times that I had suggested and he did not suggest any other times either.

  • He wrote that the rubbish has been dumped there by us tenants (which is in direct contradiction with me having been admonished by Murphy’s staff for having started to take care of it years ago and his lack of response to my letters about it). He wrote that we should contact the council about it so that the council can remove it and that he was willing to write to all the tenants instructing us to do so.

  • The council, however, already knows about it. Hampshire Fire & Rescue informed them.

(It went with the usual irrelevant bunch of BS aimed at me personally.)

I have informed him that he is acting in direct ignorance of current government guidelines and I have instructed him to be here on Tuesday 16 February at noon. The locksmith will be there too.

Do let me know if there is anything you wish to have taken care of. As Murphy has been trying to kick me out for so long, it makes no difference to me whether I tick him off or not so I might as well try to get as many improvements as possible carried out while I still can.

As a result of the lock-picking and other interference (disappearance of postal mail and so on), I can’t do much in terms of work, so from that point of view, getting as many improvements as possible carried out while I still can makes sense too. I do not have much else to do anyway.

You can text me at 077 2977 5974 or e-mail me at



If Murphy’s were a small family outfit, I would not approach things this way but Murphy is a local real estate developer who drives around in a yellow sports car with vanity plates that say
“G I Con”.