A while ago, I made a new friend, locally. We exchanged phone numbers and texted.

When she called me one day, she somehow sounded different, however, and she just kept talking and talking and talking and talking and not in the way that she talked when I encountered her IRL and she said nothing about what had very much been on her mind when I last saw her either.

Was it yet another coincidence? Possibly. I hope so.

(On the phone, she mostly talked about her boss, about what a kind man he was and about how many hours she worked for him and how little free time she had and she briefly mentioned having a kid at home.)

Haven’t heard from her since.

SHE was the one who offered her phone number and wanted mine. 

It IS a little bit like the writings I get from someone else about for example going to the other side of the country with four friends – in the middle of the pandemic – and therefore not being able to Skype, isn’t it? (Yes, some people are very reluctant to Zoom with me or interact with me in any way at all because of the incessant hacking interference in my life.)

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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