Update for locals and others

12 Feb 2021: The blog posts contain updates on the Grant Murphy saga; that is, there is no way to know whether the e-mails I receive from him are really coming from him and they could easily be as spoofed like as spoofed as the many other spoofed communications I have received since I moved to Portsmouth 12 years ago. Most are coming from “Andrew” but I don’t know an Andrew, and certainly not within the context of Murphy.

Also, the “social worker” who recently contacted me and claimed to be working for Portsmouth City Council indeed does not appear to exist, so her e-mails were definitely faked. You see, unless I have somehow been directed to a fake website, she is not registered with Social Work England and she is not on the temporary register either.

Why this person contacted me was very vague to begin with and when I spoke with her, the way she ignored certain remarks I made gave me the impression that she knew very well who is messing with my life and knew more about it than I did. She also did not mention the problems with my postal mail at all and was completely not interested in getting to the bottom of that even though it’s a big practical problem for me. (Her most recent communication to me was also not at all about solving my practical issues, but about someone else’s interests.)

(There is someone who goes by the same name, but she works with children, appears to live in Kent and does not work locally. I could file a report, but chances are that the woman who goes by the same name would end up bearing the blame one way or another while having nothing at all to do with this mess.)

Bottom line remains that I want my life back! Any people in Portsmouth who feel that no woman should ever be allowed to live her life freely and support herself should consult a shrink and leave me in peace. It’s the 21st century!

Oh, and for all those locals who make up the craziest stories about me, maybe you should learn the art of having a conversation with strangers and ditch the art of making up malicious gossip about strangers. 


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