The clown

What I haven’t mentioned yet is that a person in a clown’s costume, wig and a clown’s makeup followed me around on my most recent (failed) attempt to escape from my situation in Portsmouth.

He also followed someone else around (but that was only on one day, I think; it annoyed that person, though).

The last time I saw that clown, he was standing in a square, holding a postal mail bag and waving at me. I was at a window in a house.

It was probably just someone who got hired to follow me around. “Just playing a joke on a friend, mate.”

The person who is doing this kind of stuff, he does not realise that he does not “exist” for me in a real sense – as he acts anonymously, invisibly or digitally or through his representatives – so when he shows up somewhere – which he also did, locally, after that failed escape attempt – and expects me to know that it is him, he has no idea that I usually have no idea who he is and so I ignore him and so he gets angry or something else happens that makes me realise that I just ignored the person in question.

And thus this mess remains unresolved because NOBODY in Portsmouth is even willing to discuss what is going on and EVERYBODY in Portsmouth claims not to know or have heard of either of these two dudes in question. And it’s been going on for 12 years.

So, I got another odd mail this evening.

So, I am saying to the person who is this to either take a hike, forever, or change tack drastically.

The last time I saw the person I know as Charles/Charley/Charlie/Lee was when he followed me into the local Spar and popped out again before I left. That was between 1 and 2 years ago, I reckon.

The other person, well, the last time I saw him, apparently, was when he waved from a white car when I was walking along the seashore of Langstone Harbour. That must have been… in 2018. The last time I spoke with that person was on 20 September 2008, within the context of his profession.

I have no direct way of contacting either of them, do I?

The TV series “This is us” is not like “us” because the siblings in “This is us” interact in real life and they also all lead their own lives.

The person who interacts with me on my computer, that could be anyone, and in practice often seems to be mostly my immediate downstairs neighbour. Is it? I have no idea. How on earth would I know? The digital realm – with the exception of video chat – is 100% anonymous; anyone can pretend to be anyone.

The person who interacts with me on my computer, however, has some kind of work schedule. When he is busy with work, he likes to check in at, say, 9, at around noon, at around 5 to 6 and at around 10 to 11 in the evening. That is, on days when he is not in my computer nonstop. 

The way the pandemonium on my computers stopped abruptly after I shot off that e-mail the other day, what does that mean? It makes me think “DID”. 

How that would tie into this…?
(Bart Simpson: “I didn’t do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can’t prove anything.”)

And into South Park’s Eric Cartman…?

2 thoughts on “The clown

  1. For people who don’t know that, “the joker” is well known in Portsmouth, even though everyone I ask in Portsmouth tells me that they have never heard of the man. His non-local colleagues do admit of having heard of him. They revere him!

    (He’s a bit of a celebrity as far as I can tell – and not just in the UK.)

    I have not added this comment in order to vilify that person but because I am fed up with people in Portsmouth who don’t even know me vilifying me behind my back and thereby potentially hampering me greatly.


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