Operation HDD – continued

That may be over.

I have the right tools and the clean air enclosure works out fine, but… when I tried to open an internal HDD that had stopped working at around the same time as the external one, but has no data on it, I instantly ran into unexpected hurdles.

I had watched lots of videos, but this drive does NOT have a 7th Torx screw hiding under the label and although I broke its vacuum (the seal responded), I could NOT get the top off!

I will/may do some searches on this issue, to see what comes up. I have seen some people quickly turn over a drive when opening it, but I can’t see what would need to be done on the other side to get the drive to open, if anything.

In any case, it seems wise to leave that other HDD in peace for now, spend no more time on it, save up a few thousands bucks and send it to a data recovery specialist eventually.

I made videos of parts of what I did and I’ll upload it later. Heck why not.

I know that I cannot instantly literally do “anything” – I am not an HDD data recovery specialist, have never attempted anything like this before – but I’ve learned a few important things along the way, things that I used to be clueless about, so I am cool with it. Would I really have liked to get the data off that external HDD on my own? Yes of course! But you can’t win them all and I’ve spent enough time on this now.

Yes, I stuck a note on the enclosure just in case someone – whoever – goes into my flat when I am out, sees the thing and gets it into their head that I am building a biological weapon of mass destruction or whatever. Because it does look rather odd. Agreed. As a (scorned and stigmatised) migrant in the UK, you always have to keep such angles in mind and in some regards, you can’t be too cautious. Better safe than sorry!

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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