Still haven’t heard a word from PCC in ages and haven’t heard back from Murphy either. It does not matter. It’s despicable to be told to apply for benefits all the time here in Portsmouth while places like Southampton simply allow you to support yourself, by contrast. Instead of paying too much attention to the usual local bile-spewing by whoever Roger Downey hangs out with, I am focusing on what I – yes, I – need in order to support myself again in spite of Roger Downey and his pals and others here in Portsmouth apparently having a major problem with the idea of a woman supporting herself.

(Yep, was using a different phone and should have looked at where its camera actually is, lol.)

The hacker is still active, unfortunately, but not being too disruptive as far as I can tell. That he managed to knock out my HDDs – yes, I am pretty sure that he had something to do with that – probably makes it easier for him to make me sound crazy – because I can no longer show the files that he messed with, among other things – but it does not matter if you are able to look beyond that and see the relative insignificance of it.

Why I am up at this hour? My immediate downstairs neighbour (the bully with the insecurity problem, who is connected to Murphy’s outfit) left the flat and building (without dog) at 2:24 and returned at 2:38. A minute later he honked. There is often honking between 2 and 3. Sometimes it’s other sounds or yells, such as “what’s up”. I didn’t have my sound file with sea surf playing on repeat. So I woke up.

So I posted this, to distract myself, then put the sea surf on repeat and went back to sleep.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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