Ugh. (Video quality during calls and other cyber stuff)

I had not realised that the quality of my video deteriorated so badly when I installed a different operating system on my PC a while ago. Or is it a recent update that caused this? I often attend webinars without video but I did participate in one a while ago and I looked like a ghost. I look like I am in a time machine and have teleported myself back to 1999!

That won’t do at all, within a professional context.

It must be a recent update that triggered this because it was not the case yet during video calls with friends.

Let’s see how I can remedy that.

On the other hand, when I recently grabbed a headset that is close to 20 years old, and has lost sound in one ear but has a good microphone and its own PCB, someone commented “Oh, you have one of those super advanced headsets!”

Even more ugh is that a lot of what I posted online in recent weeks did not actually go online, such as reviews for purchases on Amazon, such as a positive review for my purchase of an HDD from South Tech in eh, Hove, I think, as in Brighton-and-Hove.

I have the usual stuff of years and years too, that various things that I post online where I then enter addresses and so on do not seem to arrive at all at their destinations, but this can be hard to tell. I remember for example from in the past that people sent me messages about having seen and/or signed a petition that I set up but none of that showing up in my own view of the petition. Similar stuff’s been going on again. 

I received an invitation in the postal mail in January for an online platform called Nextdoor that did not appear to be working properly – technically speaking; I got FLOODED with e-mails and I couldn’t get the settings to change – and I noticed that there was a lot quite a bit of bile on the platform, too (and mentions of people being bullied on the platform), so I left the platform within 24 hours. I had received the invitation from a local musician who I don’t know. Someone in Ethel Road. (I found out he was a performer when I googled his name.)

I had to. Please forgive me.




One thought on “Ugh. (Video quality during calls and other cyber stuff)

  1. Looks like the decrease in video quality was caused by… distance. Where my screen is standing and how it is angled makes a difference. And Skype appears to be much better at this than Zoom. Getting the white balance right and so on. Possibly, Zoom is aimed at more high-end equipment than mine. Because Zoom is newer.


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