Who of you has had any postal mail in the past 4 weeks?

One envelope with a bank statement seems to have been all (but I haven’t kept a record, so I could be talking 3 weeks; I will keep a record as of today, just in case tons of mail are going missing again). Royal Mail is definitely struggling and I am not criticising them, but there are parties who criticise people for not receiving mail.

Overdue for me, I think, is an envelope from the Home Office.

Update 14:37 19 February 2021:
1 envelope for me from the electricity company that says online that it’s closed my account. And a ton (being 4) of envelopes for 6E which I left at his door and one for Croucher which I returned to sender as Croucher moved out quite a while ago.
(Back door of front building was open, apparently to keep the lock from jamming. Was not able to lock the door.)


For my neighbours in 6D:
Post for me that disappears does not disappear here but before it is delivered. This photo below is of a package of wet and muddied random envelopes for me from a period of about 6 months handed to me at the Voyager Park South Royal Mail distribution centre in October 2017.

It looks like a particular local postie has something against me, for whatever reason, so it may be that guy who messes with my postal mail. He was also the one who handed me this wet and muddied package. Have I ever been in any kind of verbal altercation with him? No. I have no idea what his problem is but he once approached me at a local Tesco (the big one at Craswell Street), said that he and I had never seen eye to eye – I have no idea what he meant by that – and that he had taken early retirement because of his persistent back problems. That turned out to be not true at all. (He had not taken early retirement.) No idea why he approached me at the Tesco. I did once bring a group of posties refreshments on a hot day and he was one of them, but I don’t see that as a reason to hate me. I have also on occasion brought a hot tea to a local Wilko employee and I’ve once given my postie in Southampton a refreshment on a hot day too. A white Magnum, which turned out to be her favourite. My freezer was behind the door, in Southampton, so it was easy to grab something from my freezer for her, but I usually had it stocked with fish and veggies. (I miss that postie!) (I also miss the friendly local guy whose son was studying protein chemistry or something along those lines and went to, I think, it was Canada.)

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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