How to hack and do stuff to someone else’s gear

Which can happen with the full cooperation of landlords, by the way. Because the gear needs to be on the network.

Ha. this may explain why I couldn’t find my phone’s MAC address yesterday when I searched for it when I wanted to tether another phone via Bluetooth.

And my HDD is being way too active again right now.

(Ah. I think that someone was desperately looking for my webcam? I’d unplugged it as I have decided to stop using it because it makes me look like I am in 1999, lol.)

PCC / Murphy

I just sent a bunch of e-mails to PCC, with copies to Steve Pitt, Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Stephen Morgan, the3million and Shelter. My e-mail is acting up big time, so I don’t know whether the e-mails actually went out. I forwarded them to The News as well.

In 2019, I had one of my clients in the Netherlands call Gerald Vernon-Jackson – the local city council leader – to ask for help with my situation because that situation meant that I was unable to support myself. I had just come home in the middle of the night to find that the locks had been picked once again and a small act of vandalism had been carried out again.

The lock-picking is one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to support myself for a long time. (Because it provides access to my computer equipment, among other things.)

Between that call and the day I finally got to talk with Mr Vernon-Jackson, there had been other developments. (My landlord was making another attempt to evict me.) Mr Vernon-Jackson did enable me to combat that eviction attempt but he did not do a thing about my crappy situation that meant that I could not support myself. Mr Vernon-Jackson spent a heck of a lot of time with me that day, which surprised me, but I realised why he had probably done that when I saw the letter that he sent to my landlord. Mr Vernon-Jackson repeatedly called me “vulnerable” for a while and I think that he spent time with me to assess how “vulnerable” I was.

Nothing changed in my situation in a fundamental sense.

Then the lockdowns started. I received letters that certainly in one case seemed to have been timed such that I had little access to offices and services.

What I probably have not mentioned before – with regard to what appears to have been the landlord having turned off my water – is that the order of the doorbells and other utilities here is illogical and I suspect that the landlord expected this “vulnerable” woman not to know about this and having panicked and been stuck without water. I am in the top flat of three but my water supply valve is the one in the middle of the three.

I am not sure who I am most disgusted with within this context, frankly, because I think that I was in a way a fool when I went to Mr Vernon-Jackson for help.

Here is the letter that I just sent, with 24 attachments: