Is this the guy who steals (some of) my postal mail?

After I made this video, the downstairs asshole yelled a lot, thereby possibly confirming that he is ALSO the hacker, the guy who’s responsible for the loss of my last bit of income and the last one of my clients. Because he could see on my screen!? (Not that that is a surprise.) An alternative explanation could be that someone else texted him and told him to yell a lot. 9Or that he was just yelling.)

I know he hacked into one of my phones because he – someone in his flat in any case – loudly yelled “Ah, ha ha ha” from right under me when he got in and rebooted the thing. I doubt that that could have been done by someone not on the premises.

My HDD has been rattling like CRAZY since I posted that video on YouTube and my comments on YouTube keep getting wiped out by the hacker time and time and time again.

The downstairs neighbour is connected to my landlord. I suspect he was part of the landlord’s plot to have me declared anti-social. “Drive the old cow crazy so we can get rid of her, please.” I’ve thought that for a while because it is the only logical explanation for this dude’s behaviour (and it combines too well with something else). Why else would a gay guy be obsessed with a woman likely old enough to be his grandmother? And steal (some of) her postal mail?

(Why his interference would not disturb my other neighbours? I use my bedroom as my office. Since that neighbour moved in, I have slept on my office floor several nights and then I found a way of dealing with his noise. White noise. As I have mentioned previously, the idea that he has Tourette’s does not hold up.)

Re the previous neighbour, hints were dropped by the landlord’s staff that there were reasons to be afraid of him. Why?

(22:01 My HDD is rattling like crazy again, but my PC is not actually doing anything.)

This would be more or less typical for how Portsmouth works, doesn’t it?

BUT… the hacker/stalker indicated – 24 Feb: no, suggested! – that there is a likelihood that he is about to destroy me and in view of the fact that his type of personality tends to work with flying monkeys, it is more likely that the neighbour is a flying monkey for my stalker/hacker. “Let’s try to drive the old cow crazy” has always been HIS game. Charles’, Lee’s, Charley’s, Charlie’s. Or Stephen’s if that is who it is. Or just the people in the local community who engage in all the bullying. How on earth would Iknow? It’s all done anonymously!

My landlord would have to be off his rocker to do that. He’d have chosen a much easier, cheaper and quicker route. Unless my landlord is a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Is he?

24 Feb:
It was 15 January 2021, the day that I accidentally caught my gay neighbour who is half my age going through my postal mail – two envelopes – with extreme attention. So he goes through my mail and keeps what he thinks will disadvantage me if I don’t receive it? Why is he so obsessed with me? To be fair, a lot of my postal mail goes missing before it gets to the building. But Monday’s letter had definitely been kept behind – and possibly even created – by him, albeit not for long. (Just long enough to ruin my evening. Because I am so fed up with the Portsmouth brand of nastiness. And it never stops.)

Is impersonating a social worker a criminal offence?

I am going to investigate that. If there is a register, then it may be a protected profession and that may mean that impersonating a social worker is an offence.

Yes it is, as it turns out.

“The Care Standards Act 2000 made it a criminal offence to pretend, with intent to deceive, to be a qualified and registered social worker.”