Flying monkeys!

Oh yeah, do I know what feels like on the receiving end.

<sarcasm>But I am making all of that up too. Just like the hacking and stuff.</sarcasm>

it can be quite shocking to see how easily people can be turned against you. But then, the narcissist studies them too. “What makes them tick?” And they zoom in on these people’s weaknesses and take it from there.

In my case, people who did not know me and people who knew me decades ago were turned against me. One of them started tearing into me like a maniac one day, without even explaining what on earth he was going on about and accused me of all sorts of strange things. Flying monkey!!! A bad one! I cut off all contact.

Some people are merely gullible and easily manipulated and those are easy to forgive.

But others are easily manipulated and mean. Those are best avoided without a word of discussion or “trying to defend yourself”.

Right now, I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Nowhere to go and nothing I can do, certainly not about any malicious gossip behind my back. So I do what I can do and see what time will bring.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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