Apps and other crap

After the (very small) flurry of direct home boiler grant stuff in my in-box ceased, app stuff started coming in. Application-building. 

These are teeny tiny flurries.

In 2010, however, I was being BOMBARDED with three types of flurries, not all at once but in separate floods:

  • watches (I’ve also had weird “flurries” of people in Portsmouth asking me what the time was) 
  • pens and bags (years later, I realised that that was about sex) 
  • weight loss pills and herbs
    (I lost a LOT of weight that year because I often couldn’t afford food, but nah, I am not dealing with sadistic stalking. Of course not. I am just an attention-seeking old cow who does not want to admit that she does now know where to find the on / off button on a computer and makes up some shit to hide her diminishing capabilities.)

Postal mail, PCC, Murphy

Had one envelope yesterday, from the NHS. Will hear more from them in about two weeks’ time. Not important.

Home Office envelope still has not arrived.

Had five “read” receipts from GVJ last evening, at 5:32 PM, for mail sent on Sunday.

That loud “ticking clock” read cycle on my HDD (internal, newer PC) seems to have been removed again.

For the record, back in 2016, at the end of October? When that ice cream incident happened? Someone had also been in my flat while I was out. I do not always instantly know that someone has been in my flat. Sometimes, I only become aware of it when I discover whatever it was that was done, if anything was done by the person(s) while in my flat.

Why I am my old cheerful self again in my videos? I have to do what I can to stay above Portsmouth’s petty gossip and also not let my powerlessness get the better of me. But I am human, so yes, I get angry from time to time. (Suppressing anger too much is not good either, though.)

There is almost nothing I can do at the moment so I focus on what I can do. In a few days’ time, I hope to be in a position to do a few more things to improve my situation.

(I still tend to stay in my flat a lot because I don’t think that the new lock is sufficient to keep the lock-picker out. But right now, there is nothing further that I can do in that area.)