Apps and other crap

After the (very small) flurry of direct home boiler grant stuff in my in-box ceased, app stuff started coming in. Application-building. 

These are teeny tiny flurries.

In 2010, however, I was being BOMBARDED with three types of flurries, not all at once but in separate floods:

  • watches (I’ve also had weird “flurries” of people in Portsmouth asking me what the time was) 
  • pens and bags (years later, I realised that that was about sex) 
  • weight loss pills and herbs
    (I lost a LOT of weight that year because I often couldn’t afford food, but nah, I am not dealing with sadistic stalking. Of course not. I am just an attention-seeking old cow who does not want to admit that she does now know where to find the on / off button on a computer and makes up some shit to hide her diminishing capabilities.)

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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