2 thoughts on “How to hack wifi

  1. Nah, they’re making this up, these hackers. They don’t even know where to find the on/off button on their computer and pretend that they’re hacking into other people’s wifi to mask that they have no clue what they’re doing.

  2. I have seen a “rogue access point” in action at the local libraries whose wifi network name is something like “my_city_wifi”. Drop or add a hyphen and plenty of people will get confused but won’t even know it and log in to what they think is The People’s Network, or whatever the City’s free wifi network is called that is provided at the libraries and in Guildhall Square. I confess that I was stupid enough to click before I realised that there were two wifi networks – access points – in the air with a similar name.

    Here at my flat, I have briefly seen a scanner in the air, many years ago.

    The biggest issue, in my experience? Deep poverty. When you’re in poverty, you often end up using old second-hand phones – for which there is often no longer any security available – and you can’t afford proper security if it is still current enough to allow you to have security.

    Hacking causes poverty and poverty causes an inability to stop hacking.

    I won’t mention lock-picking but that too is related to poverty in many cases, let’s face it.

    The word “hacking” therefore is far too often spelled H A T E in practice.

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