Watch the video below. How do you step into the shoes of Cameron?

What I “know” or “understand” about autism is next to nothing.

But having the camera crew there, that’s

a) a deviation from routine, which is upsetting to him;

b) creating a flood of sensory impulses, which throws his brain into overload mode;

c) undoubtedly accompanied by bright lights, which does makes things worse. Or do TV crews no longer require bright lighting nowadays?

I don’t consider his room calming either. It screams WHITE. Painting it a different colour might make a huge difference. Do I know that for sure? No, of course not. I have no experience with autism (other than with my very mildly autistic friend, as I learned a week or so ago) and hardly know a thing about it. But this white is not calming. And if I think about how an autistic person’s brain might work and remind myself that white does not exist but is the combination of all colours, then perhaps the use of one primary colour might be relaxing for an autistic mind whereas white might do the opposite.

It’s been said that colours that are relaxing during the day can give off a very different vibe at night. Is that also the case for autistic people? I have no idea. But does anyone else have an idea?

Does his room have an ability to play soothing music or other sounds that he finds soothing?

How do autistic people respond to white noise? Does anyone know? Has anyone ever looked at whether noise-cancelling headsets can support them, and if yes, how you could make those in such a way that the headphones don’t cause too much sensory input?

The Met is out of control


…one of its officers abducts and kills a woman. It takes days to ID her body, on the basis of dental records.


…other officers manhandle and arrest women who want to hold a vigil for this woman and claim the right to breathe freely while female without encountering abuse and violence.

I haven’t found the word yet that describes the Met’s behaviour.

The words “provocative” and “oppressive” come to mind and I hear an echo of regimes like Gaddafi’s in Libya, the suppression of the Uyghurs in China and what’s going on in Myanmar and Hong Kong.

And the right to protest and demonstrate – a human right – is about to be demolished if the proposed new legislation passes that will accomplish this.

This should be making all of us very nervous.

Because… what exactly is going on here?

Because this does not add up from a democratic point of view.

Even Priti Patel – OF ALL PEOPLE! – wants the Met’s actions reviewed.

Were the Met’s actions a protest against this new legislation that will curtail the right to protest, demonstrate and hold candlelight vigils? Or is the Met an organisation of callous sadists?

But the people are not going to be squashed.

20:55: Next, I learned about this…