Derek Chauvin

Now we have to wait for the sentencing.

Meanwhile, the hard work is only starting. How did we ever get to the place that it was okay for white police officers to murder black men? It is not a straightforward matter.

At the heart of the issue seems to be not only fear and insularity among police officers as well as sheer racism but also civilian gun ownership.

I think we need more than a mere “reform” of police forces and I think we don’t only need that in the US. I think we need to start over.

But who has the guts and power to make it happen?

One thought on “Derek Chauvin

  1. I can’t stop wondering how this verdict is making black people all around the world feel. Whether they finally have a sense of relief and of a warm blanket around their shoulders, even though the price for it was so high.

    It’s gotta be affecting a lot of people in the UK too. No doubt.

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