Amazon just sent me a message asking “Hello Angelina Souren,
Are you looking for something in our Suspense store? If so, you might be interested in these items.”

And they are all books by Joy Fielding.

I haven’t bought any fiction from Amazon in 10-15 years and that was actually a book that I bought for a friend in another country because it was not available there. But Amazon sometimes does work in mysterious ways…

 All The Wrong Places
Joy Fielding Price: £3.99You Save: £3.00 (43%)Learn more  Add to Wish List   
 She’s Not There: A gripping psychological thriller from the…
Joy Fielding Price: £3.99You Save: £4.00 (50%)Learn more  Add to Wish List   
 The Stranger Next Door: A dark and gripping psychological…
Joy Fielding Price: £2.59Learn more  Add to Wish List   
 Heartstopper: A town living in fear and a killer on the loose …
Joy Fielding Price: £3.99You Save: £16.54 (81%)Learn more  Add to Wish List   
 The Bad Daughter: A gripping psychological thriller with a…
Joy Fielding Price: £3.99You Save: £4.00 (50%)Learn more  Add to Wish List   
 Missing Pieces: An emotionally gripping novel of a family on…
Joy Fielding Price: £3.99Learn more  Add to Wish List   
 See Jane Run: A gripping thriller from the queen of…
Joy Fielding Price: £3.99Learn more  Add to Wish List   
 Take What’s Mine: A gripping thriller of what happens behind…
Joy Fielding Price: £1.89Learn more  Add to Wish List   
 The Final Act
Joy Fielding Price: £3.39

I have never before seen Amazon suggest products that aren’t part of my purchasing profile. So this is certainly a bit off in my experience. I’ve read a few of Joy Fielding’s books in the past. I think I remember See Jane Run as pretty scary.

I also had another non-existing YouTube comment again yesterday:

When I click on the message to read the rest, there’s nothing there. It’s happened once or twice before.

This was a previous non-existing message that I received:


The message remained on my screen, though, just like this latest one. (I checked whether YouTube had singled it out and was holding it for my review. No.) The face used in that image is of a very similar type that I have seen a few times over the years in other messages related to these happenings that began in 2008. I think it’s the hairline that makes it distinctive and it’s always a somewhat broad-looking face (broad cheekbones?).

There’ve been these odd “warnings”, one seemingly indicating that I was going to be destroyed soon – and by a narcissist, apparently – after having been lulled into a feeling of security. Since roughly the beginning of 2021 (but there may have been stuff before). I haven’t made screenshots of all of it.

I just shrug about it as there is nothing else I can do.

In 2019, someone walked up to me and pretended to be working for a local outfit, but there was no way he could have known who I was unless he was specifically looking for me and knew what I looked like. He also seemed to suggest that he had picked the locks to the front building. He exited from the front building. I was outside.

After that encounter, I received an e-mail message, claiming to be from the same guy. Because it simply didn’t add up, I didn’t reply. As I heard nothing further, it clearly had not been genuine at all. It can’t have been.

Who the guy was? I don’t know.

Maybe I should get into the habit of snapping a photo every time strangers walk up to me with these stories that sometimes contain a level of threat, like that time when someone walked up to me at a local cemetery when I was making a video and later saw that the guy had been heading straight for me. Unfortunately, I shut off the video when he approached, otherwise I would have what he said on record and his face as well.

Still haven’t heard anything from PCC to the many e-mails and the envelopes of with paperwork that I dropped off a few months ago, other than some weirdly timed “read” receipts from Gerald Vernon-Jackson (such as the day before yesterday morning, to an e-mail that I sent in January 2021).

I continue to receive almost no postal mail.

The day before yesterday afternoon, my phone pinged when two e-mails came in to my gmail address. A few seconds later, the phone pinged again, for the same two e-mails, but now in reverse order. There was only one copy of each in my gmail.

There’s been some strange stuff about waterpipes recently… Yesterday, it dawned on me that this might refer to male genitalia? The person who is doing this is obsessed with sex and genitalia, after all. The masses of spam about pens and bags and pens and bags and nothing else, back in 2010, of which I only saw how it fit together years later, when the significance of all the crap about cages etc began to dawn on me after I realised that this stuff often refers to slang that I am not familiar with.

Water is one of his themes too. He seems to refer to himself as the Niagara Falls at times, for instance.

(Frankly, I sure do hope that someone out there has a tap on this dude’s phones and all his internet access, just in case he is indeed planning something evil and does somehow communicate about it with one or more others. But I know that nobody in this town gives a damn. Also, he rules it and he seems to have hacked into just about everything there is to hack here…)

There was something else. A video I uploaded – the day before yesterday – is HD, but it showed very very hazy on my screen the next morning. The previous time something like this happened, it concerned a video of two pigeons. He attacked both of them with a rotary cutting tool. Tore the head off one and cut into the neck of the other.

This was also done to a bird in my home but without drawing blood. There was a prior warning about this, and a dog was mentioned in that warning. Someone on Twitter asked me how my dog was getting along with the bird, in a DM. I didn’t know what it meant but I got a vague sense of threat from it. I don’t have a dog.

(It is possibly envy-driven, by the way. As of a few days ago, he has something to be really angry about, envious about, I suspect, but I am not going to mention here what that is.)

(Also, note that the “decapitated bird” theme started when I was still living in Southsea, which is a different part of Portsmouth.)

So, is this gaslighting (intended to make me very nervous) or is this guy telling me that he is about to attack me? Or is it a mere coincidence?

He’s always given warnings when he carried out an attack, except, you can’t tell what he means because only he knows what he means when he does something or sends you a vaguely threatening spoofed message.

“I tell people exactly what they need to know. What they do with it is up to them.” E-mail from 2008, possibly coming from someone else than who it appeared to be.

“It’s not so much a matter of breaking the rules, but a matter of rewriting them.” E-mail from 2008, possibly coming from someone else than who it appeared to be.

There was also something about he holding up a mirror to me and treating me the way I treat others or whatever.

Well, time will tell. There is nothing I can do about any of it and all I can do is wait for him to get bored and move on.

Because let’s face it, whatever this is, Portsmouth, there is a strong pathological aspect to it. (And no, it’s not on my side, that pathology.)

I post about this stuff from time to time and then delete it again, because I don’t want this stuff to take over my life any more than it already has.

Maybe it’s someone who just gets his kicks out of controlling others and who will get bored with me because as long as he keeps doing stuff to me, there is very little I can do, and my life is very empty. Boring. I make YouTube videos because they don’t require me to interact with anyone directly, so nobody’s files get deleted or altered (without me catching it before it goes out; I sure don’t go changing around names in captions into random other names etc on my own)

From time to time, he likes suggesting that everyone has deserted me and that I am a major loser in his eyes. Whatever, dude.

He’s also done the opposite in the past. On one account, I only got interest from either spammers or from accounts with a huge number of followers. (A mirror on his computer?) He’s sometimes helped me with software things.

It’s certainly a mix of positive and negative.

Sarah Chiaroscuro (spoofed Skype messages, generated in my computer years ago): “I am an artwork of light and dark.” “Yes. Yes, I am.”

(DID goes with at least one personality who is fully functional, doesn’t it? And this person, it seems to be a different story.)

The best I can do with it is accept a zen attitude, accept that I can’t change anything about it, whatever it is, and… shrug.

I haven’t heard any more from the apparently completely fake social worker (who apparently just wanted to hear how powerless I was?), but I did receive a letter one day (at 9pm or thereabouts) that pretended to be tied to her – used her name spelled differently – but it couldn’t possibly have been genuine – for several reasons – and I shredded it.

A while ago (weeks), there was also a comment about there being a light-blue light around me that felt a little off (the comment, and the responses to it).

Anyway… whatever.

Decided to look at the code under the message and on the basis of that, found this:

Not sure what to make of that. It seems to pertain to a purchase of fiction. But me, I haven’t even purchased such a book…

Found this, too, about how people use seemingly Amazon-based addresses to defraud people:

The e-mail I got may have come from an e-mail address hosted by Amazon, as e-mail provider for others?

It remains a bit odd

6 thoughts on “Strrrrrrrange?

  1. What I am also suddenly getting is e-mails from services that I used or tried many years ago. (Five to ten, if not longer.) I had one, ehm, about a week ago or maybe ten days, and I just got another one, from SpiderOak. I remember the name. I am pretty sure that this is from before I started exploring Linux, even.

    (I later checked. The other message I got was from FeedBurner, on the 14th. Haven’t used it in years. Hadn’t heard from them in years. But that message may be explained by the fact that it is part of Google these days. Who knows.)

    Earlier this year, I started getting e-mails from a person who never uses his own e-mail address, who claims to be working for a local outfit, but gives a different address. At one point, I received a “Signed For” letter from him that apparently had been signed for and opened by someone else – decidedly odd – on what looked like photocopied and possibly doctored letterhead. The most recent communication I had from this person was on blank paper.

    There is another thing. His last name translates as “water pipe”. Water pipes have been my hacker’s theme for a little while (since the beginning of March) and that too has something to do with what looked like spoofed e-mails or in any case e-mails that had been tampered with.


    • I have tried to find out whether this guy is legit but heard nothing back. He seemed to indicate that he will stop by later today. 27 April, that is. At around 2pm.


      • Why I post this kind of stuff? My mother used to say “beter ermee verlegen dan erom verlegen”. In my case, that translates into: It’s better to look silly because of a concern you’re not sure about than to feel sorry that you didn’t share your concern at least somewhere.

        In practical terms, it means that it’s better to look silly carrying an umbrella in bright sunshine than to get caught without in a downpour.

        Relative to the Netherlands and the US, Britain is often rather disorganised. There’s a lot you can’t verify etc and, generally speaking, you can never be certain of anything here (well, not often).


      • Well, looks like that was indeed another, eh, prank?
        (I rarely understand much of the local brand of pranks.)

        I’ve meanwhile checked a local Twitter feed to see if that held any clues – it’s happened before, after all – but, nope.

        The only thing that showed up was a CIA alarm car but that was for the motorcycle shop next-door. I walked around the house a few times, spotted nobody who seemed to be looking for an address either.

        Will follow up on this. Have to.


  2. I went by the Civic Offices the other day and according to the notice on the door – it happened to be after 4, which is when they used to close prior to 23 March 2020, I believe – the Civic Offices are STILL CLOSED to the general public.


  3. Wow. Another strange occurrence. Someone suddenly ringing my doorbell apparently in connection with this. Well, it is a good thing that I am already following up on this matter.

    I think I am going to leave these two slightly odd posts that I have removed a few times up after all. Because I don’t know what exactly is going on here and there have already been way too many bizarre and occasionally very worrisome happenings in the recent decade (and certainly in the past roughly six years).


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