This may explain a lot!

If you want an example of how something like this might work in practice, imagine the following scenario.

Benefit recipient says or writes that she’s just gotten 89% on an online course by Harvard Law School. The software is triggered and gives off a loud beep. Because these two things are not compatible in the software. So you get a bunch of tick marks next to your name or your request is simply denied because you’re assessed as being too “vulnerable” to be able to do something about it? Perhaps I am being too cynical. Probably. But you can’t even tell… And that’s the point.

The UK government has been taking that latter approach for years, after all, particularly with regard to mentally ill and mentally impaired benefits recipients. The “system” seems to believe that it is better to cut their benefits to that these folks pass away. So it shortchanged them and when the courts ruled against it, they took ages and came up with tons of paperwork needing to be completed.

And right now, it’s doing the same with the Windrush group. It seems to be waiting for as many people to pass away so that it won’t have to pay out. Ya can’t make it up even though it sounds as if it is straight out of some movie.

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