Bonkers! Nuts! Crazy! Insane!

Most of England just voted for excessive corruption and increasing deep poverty.

While even before the pandemic, about 30% of British children were already living in poverty.

Food poverty for severely disabled people has skyrocketed.

And the Tories break the law over and and over and over again. That is, the GOVERNMENT.

And that is what the majority of English voters vote for. Hate, death, excessive poverty and blatant corruption.

Over and over and over and over again.

It boggles the mind.

Thankfully, I am not the only one who feels that this is utterly bonkers voting behaviour. Plenty of English people feel the same way. They’re still in the minority.

But that is not going to last much longer, provided all other parties – except Labour and the Tories – join hands. Can they get over themselves? Can they finally get their acts together and just do it, please?

Labour is a lost cause. Forget about Labour. That is… not quite. Work on getting Labour’s voters to see what Labour really stands for – which is much too often racism, rancour, viciousness and disloyalty and inequality – so that Labour’s voters end up voting more in line with their values.

Remember that a lot of the problems we have today are also Blair’s doing. That was Labour, remember? Criminalisation of the innocent on the basis of mere personal biases was Blair’s special gift to Britain.

The Tories are running with it. Let’s make protesting illegal too, shall we? And let’s make sure that those pesky people who want to cycle, recycle and save badgers get on the watch list for potential domestic terrorism. That’ll teach them.

Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s also criminalise Roma, Gypsies and Travellers at the same time. Criminals, those folks, all of them, so let’s see if we can make their way of living a crime from now on. Maybe we can deport some of them then. (Note: this is me sarcastically pretending to be a Tory.)

The people who are finally going to turn Britain around will be those who are fed up with the fibbing, fed up with the lawlessness and the lies, fed up with the corruption, fed up with the poverty, fed up with the focus on increasing profits for the happy few at the expense of everyone else as well as the health of the planet, and fed up with the callousness.

No, folks, Keir Starmer is NOT the solution. I used to attend webinars that increasingly puzzled me until it dawned on me that I was actually on a Labour platform that disguised itself as something else.

Keir Starmer was on it twice. The first time he went yeah, sure, of course I get ya, I am a human rights lawyer and I have worked abroad yadda yadda yadda and Becky here and Becky there and Becky is absolutely wonderful. He fired wonderful Becky the next day and shortly after dismissed BLM. And now he’s fired Angela Rayner. That is Trump/Tory behaviour. Not the behaviour of someone you can rely on to keep his promises.

I didn’t watch the second time he appeared on that online platform.

But I am glad that Sadiq Khan got reelected.

By the way, this is how CNN sees the UK’s election results:

One thought on “Bonkers! Nuts! Crazy! Insane!

  1. In my inbox just now:

    “Exclusive: Royal College of Nursing says ‘army’ of 25,000 members will take fight to government

    Up to 25,000 nurses are training to become activists to help Britain’s nursing union force Boris Johnson to improve his “pitiful” 1% NHS pay offer.”

    People voted for medical staff continuing to be underpaid and for millions and millions and millions of pounds to go to unqualified pals of government politicians for often defective PPE.

    That’s what the majority of people still voted for. And I call that “Bonkers! Nuts! Crazy! Insane!”

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