How otherisation can affect a person

“After the letter, and the way the Home Office treated me, I became disillusioned. I was upset for a long time,” he says. He decided not to go to university, abandoned his hopes of legal training, took over a milk delivery business and became Manchester’s first black milkman.”

He had intended to go to law school. He was 21. His application resulted in a letter from the Home Office.

He did still get the law degree, from the Open University, in his late 50s. He also co-founded Windrush Defenders, an organisation that helps victims of Home Office mistakes.

Holy cow!!!

(Almost literally, I just realised.)

But, is this for real or is it just one more government tactic, something to be reneged on later? Because the UK government does not even recognise refugee children as sentient beings, does it? And it made promises towards them too, which it did not keep. Why this ginormous U-turn?

And, are these proposed changes genuine? The ban on ivory for example already exists, doesn’t it? And why would the ban on foie gras only be potential?

Is this news from the government mere cosmetics?

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