Holy cow!!!

(Almost literally, I just realised.)

But, is this for real or is it just one more government tactic, something to be reneged on later? Because the UK government does not even recognise refugee children as sentient beings, does it? And it made promises towards them too, which it did not keep. Why this ginormous U-turn?

And, are these proposed changes genuine? The ban on ivory for example already exists, doesn’t it? And why would the ban on foie gras only be potential?

Is this news from the government mere cosmetics?


(As it happens, I’ve just decided to stop selling and buying on eBay for good because it continues to allow the sales of foie gras, the product that is the diseased liver – hepatic lipidosis, aka fatty liver disease – of force-fed geese and ducks. I seem to be in a stage in which I am deliberately making my last mistakes in these areas, maybe as some kind of ritual. I had boycotted eBay before, started using it again because it did not respond to the boycott – unlike Amazon – and it’s convenient – like Amazon – but I had not been feeling very good about it. Yesterday, I bought and ate two beef burgers. I didn’t even enjoy them because I don’t like most meat much and stopped buying meat decades ago. I must say that I have noticed, however, that after you’ve been seriously ill, eating meat may help. After I had pneumonia a few years ago, I found myself suddenly eating a few burgers, just the meat, and it did seem to be good for me at the time. But yesterday, I had to make a conscious effort to ban the image of what the meat represents from my head for a short while.)

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