I just filed a complaint (with IPSO) about an article in the Times

I am still trying to locate my log-in, but what was visible without logging in gave me enough to warrant a complaint. (See screenshots below.) This is what I wrote, about this article:

This article attempts to evoke intolerance and hate for a specific group of people. In her book “Cruelty. Human evil and the human brain”, Oxford neuroscientist Kathleen Taylor states that even mild otherisation primes people for aggression. This is more than mild otherisation.

I have heard (English) people who travel the world in a van or RV (often very well-paid YouTubers) say that as soon as they left the EU and arrived in the UK, they were met with a great deal of negativity. These are not Travellers, Roma or Gypsies but people like you and me and this is already the status quo.

I also know of a case in which a group was (online) planning to go attack two vans (with English people) parked in a remote location in Scotland, remote in order to limit the risk of Covid as much as possible; the people in those two vans were staying separated by 5 to 10 metres. These too were not Travellers, Roma or Gypsies but people like you and me.

They left in a hurry and were offered a place in an urban location at some distance, in England, by someone who sympathised and wanted to help them.

We need less of this, much less, not more.

I remember how a guy who I spoke with in my first year or so in the UK commented on a few Travellers parked within sight of my flat. I think the guy was delivering a parcel or something and I think he was even trying to ascribe some crime that had happened to them, even though there was no connection whatsoever.

I was flabbergasted at first. I was not familiar with the term “Travellers” yet and I had barely noticed the few vehicles. If anything, I liked it that they were there.

It is similar to what happened in my first year or so in the US. A colleague told me that the house next-door to theirs was empty and then to my utter shock added that they were hoping no black people would move in as that would make the value of their house go down.