Diversity in the news

This morning, I was pretty upset when I read on the BBC site how the Scottish Borders Council had brushed off concerned parents with lies and false reassurances regarding abuse of several still very young autistic children. The kind of abuse that occurred would also be horrible if it had happened to non-autistic children.

Someone pointed out that the teacher in question may have been out of her depth. There appears to be a large knowledge gap regarding how to care for autistic children. I spotted a video on YouTube some time ago that also struck me as representing a hiatus in know-how and knowledge.

I contacted the Scottish Borders Council. They’ve already gotten back to me to say that they’ve passed my message on to the relevant department.

Last week I read something in Metro UK that illustrates a point that I have made in my book “We need to talk about this” about the new eugenics, namely that technology will eventually be able to address many of the needs of so-called disabled people. With the singularity around the corner, we will all start interfacing with technology in very new ways that should be able to bridge at least part of the gap between able-bodied people and so-called disabled people.




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