Geothermal energy

As I talk about energy forms from time to time, I was pleased to spot this bit of news and to be able to share it with you. Not all areas on the planet are very good places for geothermal energy winning, but many are. There is a geothermal energy plant in Southampton, for example.

The ERC awarded its 10,000th grant to Inga Berre, an applied mathematician and leading Norwegian researcher in geothermal energy. Read the interview with Berre to find out how mathematics is helping us understand more about this ancient energy source first used by the Romans in their spas as well as what role geothermal energy can play in the transition to a carbon-neutral future.

Here we go again

Thursday evening: The usual gang abuse online. This gang has now also started to leave written notes with similar BS, thereby confirming that the massive abuse I get online from time to time comes from locals. It is not the abuse in itself that I object to. It’s what it means. The practical implications of it.

This morning: I log into my business bank for my VAT return, get a notice that that they’ve sent me a letter and to contact them at such and such e-mail address. I have had no such letter and the e-mail address apparently does not even exist.

This morning: I log into my personal bank account and it tells me that I have started to fill out an application. For something called a junior ISA. (And the bank’s website has not asked me for my log-in code for one or two years now. Even though I have no fixed IP address and have changed computers. It’s also happened that I had to flip the power off my computer because it froze while I was logged in at a bank and after my two computer log-ins after that cold reboot found that I was still logged in at my bank.)

I also seem to be missing a letter from a railway company?

This morning: I am amending my LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn tells me that I am also amending it on another device. Nope. I check and there is only one active session.

This is not an exhaustive summary.

Human rights under threat in the UK

Human rights are NOT about being allowed to watch porn in prison or only about people in third-world countries. Human rights are about things like the right to safety in your own home and the right to choose a profession, the right to own things, to have legal recourse and not to be discriminated against. Health is part of it too as is education.

(Do the universal human rights have a western values bias? Yes. Are they still slightly sexist? Yes.)

In The Guardian today.
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I am an earth and life scientist. A geologist as well as a marine and environmental scientist. I am based in Portsmouth.

Last week, I walked along in the local Green Party’s Clean Air Day event. I saw people with signs and t-shirts that said “Stop Aquind”. It was mystifying. What was that about? Eve handed me two leaflets about it.

I dove into it. Okay, that’s about money. Aquind is about money.

I was amazed to see that even local Conservative Party MP Penny Mordaunt is against it, but she of course, is saying that she does not want France to be able to shut off the power whenever it is ticked off with the UK.

Labour MP Stephen Morgan has spoken out against it and so has Lib Dem Portsmouth City Council leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson.

Wow! For the first time in what must be at least a century, the three main parties in Portsmouth agree on something. Are they cooperating on the issue, however? I very much doubt it. (Not done, is it? Cooperation. Because it means you can’t claim a potential victory and not blame a potential defeat on the other parties.)

I found that Portsmouth City Council has earmarked £250,000 to fight Aquind. Wow.

So as a result, there has been a lot of… stuff. What kind of stuff? No idea. I found the following two local links. Do they give any information? No. They just tell you that you will be kept up to date as to what is happening. Really. Really?

There is a Facebook group that is probably doing that, keeping people informed (I haven’t looked), but it is certainly not what Portsmouth City Council is doing. Perhaps that’s for strategic reasons, granted. In real life, you do not deal with Aquind much, after all, you’re more likely to deal with its law firm or with the planning inspectorate.

I had NOT heard of this at all. None of it.

But as it apparently is a hot issue in Portsmouth and has been for quite a while, I guess I do not have to add any information about what Aquind is and who is behind it.

What I wondered about is how this project may affect the aquifer(s) under Portsmouth. I used to be a member of Portsmouth City Council’s Environmental Forum, just before it folded. Lynne Stagg and Darren Sanders were on it too.

A lot of useless waffling went on in that forum but not all of its activities were useless, not at all. At some point, we had a presentation by, I think, a guy from the Environment Agency. I think the topic of his talk was geothermal energy?

(There also was an occasion on which Farlington, flooding risks and Portsmouth Water including licences were discussed but I don’t think it was that time when the following happened.)

The guy who gave that talk made a remark about how lucky Portsmouth was, that it runs out of water less quickly in times of shortages, such as summer, because of the local geology.

(But there is no local geothermal energy potential.)

Now I of course, according to many of the locals, am just a delusional old cow who’s been making up her professional background for years. And Priti Patel has confirmed that by saying that people like me are cheap low-skilled labour so I must indeed be lying about my background. I can’t possibly for starters be a geologist.

And Portsmouth City Council has already done a lot of work on this.

But frankly, I have been underwhelmed with Portsmouth City Council for a while.

I had a meeting with some guy – who was it, the head of the planning committee? – some years ago that didn’t impress either. (That feeling was mutual, I am sure, as our objectives were diametrically opposed.)

(I also think that many of these folks do what the Dutch did when they missed out on the AstraZeneca deal. Civil servants are not great original thinkers, as a rule, and rarely take initiative.)

So I’ve tried to find out what was so unique about Portsmouth’s geology. I suspect it’s the combination of the limestones cropping out to the north (the …

(While I am typing this, Jerky McJerkface – i.e. the hacker –
is freezing my computer again; have to reboot,
by throwing power off the computer.)

… Portsdown Hill anticline; an anticline is an UPward fold, whereas a syncline is a downward fold, a valley, so to speak) and which only crops out to the north of Portsmouth (a blob on the geological map) and the depth of the limestone layer under Portsmouth (as opposed to its depth north of the anticline). But I am only guessing. You’d probably have to talk with the geologists at Portsmouth Water to find out the specifics.

(What I also wonder about is how rising seawater levels will affect this, though.)

So I tried to find what Portsmouth Water had said about Aquind.

I found two e-mails, online at the Planning Inspectorate, from Simon Deacon. You know what…? He may actually have been the guy who gave that talk at the Portsmouth Environmental Forum back in 2009. He was at the Environment Agency at the time. (Jane Di Dino might know.)

I wonder if the combination of “Protective Provisions risks” (regarding the safety and security of the public water supply in Source Protection Zone 1) and whatever is so unique about Portsmouth’s geology that it means its freshwater supply is safer here than in the surroundings may give Portsmouth the out it needs. Perhaps you could argue that these protective provisions risks mean that it is not sufficiently guaranteed that Portsmouth’s freshwater supply will remain unaffected by the Aquind project.

Because freshwater is a precious commodity too, after all. And everyone worth his or her salt knows that.

I also suspect that Aquind may just say that it will use horizontal drilling techniques in response to many, most or all of the objections to do with disruptions in Portsmouth. (But I am only guessing. I haven’t even gone through any of the PDFs yet that I found last week other than to spot that the Planning Inspectorate was unable to find much about the optic cables and data lines for some of the other interconnectors either and if you look at what is happening with those now, you may be able to draw some conclusions with regard to their role within the Aquind project.)

For those who just like me until three days ago have no idea what Aquind is, see the links below.

In Normandy, France, where the interconnector is supposed to be coming from, the project is not liked much either, is my impression.
(about Lord Wharton’s involvement)
(about the Aquind interconnector project)

Just now, I found this:

Okay. That answers why I too had wondered what on earth the South Downs National Park was supposed to have to do with it. (I assumed that I simply had my regional geography wrong.) Misinformation is NOT THE WAY TO GO, people! That goes for both sides.

(Source info below: Greenpeace.)

Ukrainian energy magnate and prominent Conservative party donor Alexander Termerko, who was previously a strong supporter of Boris Johnson – together with his firm OGN, which builds oil and gas rigs – gave £690,000 to the Tories in the last parliament.

Termeko is joined on the board of Aquind by Conservative peer and leave campaigner Lord Callanan, who has previously spoken out against the “madness” of the UK climate change act.”

Please do not make the mistake of thinking that anything other than gas and oil is better. Some alternative energy forms effectively constitute a huge step back. “Green” and “sustainable” have become marketing buzzwords that often hold little real substance. Anything that makes the difference in energy generation has to be local – without much transport. (Think, for example, very SMALL-scale generation of wind-based power?) And we need better energy storage solutions. I am not so sure that interconnectors are the answer.

(At which point Jerky McJerkface kicks in again.)

Also, what we keep doing is finding ways to require MORE energy, aren’t we? That’s because this makes some people a lot of money, isn’t it?

(I stopped using my fridge a few years ago and was amazed to discover I don’t actually need it. I now only run it for a few days very occasionally. We’ve all been taught that we need a fridge. We blindly assume that that’s true. Is it? I used to need mine to refrigerate my eye drops, but since Pfizer’s latest innovation, that’s no longer required. I wish they’d also upgrade the design of the dropper bottles.)

(I also use a twin tub washing machine these days and I’ve discovered that it allows me to recycle almost all the water that I use in it, sometimes even more than once. That’s not doable for everyone; I understand that.)

(The next thing I want to do is recycle my shower water.)

Make no mistake. I am mostly just guessing, with regard to Aquind, making educated but off-the-cuff guesses. (Also, I am not a hydrologist, but that does not necessarily matter much within this context.)

Something to make you smile?

I e-mailed him some time ago, as it happens. About Osime Brown. He’s a good dude. Bercow.

(And he has a son who is autistic. As is Osime Brown.)

I’ve also e-mailed Dominic Cummings once or twice. The fact that Vernon-Jackson (along with way too many others, I should add) thinks I am a feeble-minded old cow does not mean I should simply roll over and die. I was climbing the walls with boredom. I figured I might be able to make myself useful at the heart of the worst of England. I have no real opinion on Cummings, but he strikes me as limited in his thinking and at the same time dangerous in more ways than one.

I don’t share Bercow’s opinion of Keir Starmer, though. He is a bit like Cummings, I suspect.

Bercow leading Labour, however? Now THAT would be something! Oh yeah. Bercow as PM? Yes, please, even more so than Sadiq Khan as PM. Bercow is much gutsier, more outspoken, less of a typical politician, more of a fighter, radiates something really energetic and is amazingly honourable. He always manages to do the right thing, no matter what, and nothing breaks him. He’s come a long way, too. He has learned a heck of a lot along the way, also at the personal level. Naive he isn’t either.

Aha, that’s what all these sirens the other day were about

Police release update on ‘sensitive’ London Road incident in Portsmouth

Three men arrested after ‘chemicals’ were found in a house in Portsmouth have been released, police have said.

C12H22O11? Diluted acetic acid? Dihydrogen oxide?

(Sorry, I know I should not be joking about this – as drugs labs usually have a risk of explosions -but after over 12 years in Portsmouth, how can I not, now I know what Portsmouth Police is like?)

(Oh wait, those sirens, that wasn’t yesterday.)

Yikes. Former UK politician globally pushing white supremacy. Right.

David Miliband charity pushes ‘white supremacy culture’, workers allege

International Rescue Committee hires law firm to review internal policies as leadership accused of ‘belittling and gaslighting’ staff

This school should be shut down

I wrote to them to tell them why.

This is why:

This was no innocent mistake. If she was part of the team, it should have been noticed that she was not in the photo. Such things do not happen by mistake.

THIS is Portsmouth:

Portsmouth is an island-based city off the coast of South England – of slightly over 200,000 (2010 census data according to Portsmouth City Council) – in which far too many 45+ women are abused (bullied, harassed, sabotaged) and in which far too many teenage girls believe that violence and abuse in a relationship are perfectly normal.

A town in which many young women one third to half my age already consume so much alcohol to drown their bruises, misery and powerlessness that their skin looks older than mine.

A town in which it is preached over and over and over again that women are not fully fledged human beings but some kind of lesser species.

A town in which capable young women get the message at work that if they want a career for themselves, they have to get out of Portsmouth.

A town where far too many people feel utterly miserable and present as super grouchy super touchy sourpusses.

(please do keep reading)

(because, no, this is not a rant)

This is Portsmouth:

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By the way, Portsea Island is the island on which most of Portsmouth is based.

Where does it all come from?

Possibly, because these people feel threatened as well as powerless and have a bottled up fight or flight response. But that’s likely much too simple an answer within this context.

It may also be because these brawls are the only way in which these people can gain even the slightest sense of significance.

Because they all feel that they are no more than rat turds and because they believe that this is all they will ever be.

That is tragic.

But it is NOT MY FAULT!

I became otherised – targeted, anonymously – from the get-go after I moved there from Southampton at the start of 2009. It got increasingly worse from the beginning of 2011 and I have been stuck in what’s often been a sadistically abusive situation for years now.

(It was and still often like living in a guerrilla war zone. Yeah, I have tried to get away a few times. Of course I have!)

There is a small group – of 50 to 100 people maybe, or 20, 30? but it often feels like it’s half of Portsmouth – who apparently are pathologically obsessed with me and with controlling every aspect of my life or… trying to make me believe I am going crazy?

Or is it one or two people who are autistic, one of who is a hacker, and the others are just vicious idiots? No, I don’t think so. I don’t think that this is autism because years ago, when I posted the song “S/He drives me crazy”, the hacker responded with glee and that does not strike me as autism.

They – whoever – did try to make me believe I had some form of blood cancer, too, after all. Just one example of their extremely meddlesome strange behaviour. Other examples included repeated lock-picking, often to carry out really strange acts in my flat, and relentless hacking as well as preventing me from communicating with all sorts of people and even animal cruelty.

There is no “sorry, we had the wrong target, we mixed you up with someone else” or “sorry, we didn’t mean it” for something like that. Because unlike what I initially suspected, that there was someone with DID (or something similar) behind this, that does not quite turn out to be the case and calling cultural differences – if that is what this is – a form of neurodiversity is no excuse either in this context.

This – and and and and – it’s what my life has been like for over a decade and this is not just cyber stalking – targeting someone exclusively online – and yes, it is “just nuts”, as that District Judge put it.

She said that if she had seen something about this on TV, she was not sure she would have believed it.

Welcome to my life.

There’s been a lot more going on in my case but yes, the spirit behind it, the sentiment, appears to be exactly the same.

In my case, more sophisticated versions of elements from a local sadistic stalking case (Tracey Morgan’s) were included too, as I discovered on 2 October 2020. It’s been extremely restrictive. If, for example, you can’t leave your flat for more than an hour without risking that unknown locals pick the locks and carry out crap in your flat, you are no longer able to live your life freely. Agreed?

I probably have never spoken with about at least 90% of the people who’ve been doing this to me and if I have spoken with any of them, then it’s very likely only been at their place of work with me no more than a random stranger, a customer. Because I didn’t know anyone here in Portsmouth when I moved here from Southampton and I essentially still don’t know anyone here. I continue to claw my life back, however, regardless of what it may look like from the outside.

It’s likely that the people who do this kind of stuff suffer from similar issues as the people who are in these physical fights. They see themselves as no more than rat turds and targeting strangers is the only thing that makes them feel significant. They feel unheard, unnoticed, unseen. What they do forces people like me to be aware of their existence. (That’s an understatement.)

But, despair not, I have a solution.

For Portsmouth, I mean.


  • Effective, pleasant, therefore catalytic and relatively cheap.
  • Offer free neurofeedback sessions in Portsmouth. Make them mandatory for offenders in these brawls.
  • Because they tend have a strong positive effect, they motivate people to keep coming back. Low dropout rates.

Unfortunately, we live in a pill-based society these days, which is good for big pharma but not necessarily for everyone else.

At the moment – after over a year of lock-downs because of the pandemic – explosions of violence among the young are also expected in other parts of England, I have read. Portsmouth, however, has a peculiar culture that may exacerbate this problem. If so, that is not for me to solve.

The rights of nature

My computer froze at 12:12, requiring me to throw the power of it, has been hiccuping ever since,is hiccuping now too and at 13:09 I needed to throw power off the pc again to get it out of its hacking-induced freeze. The mysterious “he” has also disabled the control-key copy/paste function again. (Oh, that’s just press duration.) And my phone told me that I was in Devon this morning. Okay. (I’m also often in Scotland.) And I had an automatically forwarded e-mail from an e-mail address that I no longer own. (And it looks like my older computer has suddenly folded again, lol.)

(14:44: I am now in the West Midlands? Location is “on” and I am not in the West Midlands, just like I was not in Devon this morning either.)


Last night, Hank Greely tweeted this article:

It made me remember a discussion on LinkedIn; the Dutch were contemplating giving the Wadden Sea legal status. Here is a related article. Food for thought.

If you consider the question whether humans own parts of earth or other species, you also have to ask whether other species have “priority rights” so to speak and whether other species might have claims on or against us, in view of the fact that most have been on the planet much longer than the species Homo, let alone modern humans.

(We are supposed to be the smart ones. Are we?)

LG shutting down its phone department?

That’s what I just heard. That’s a shame. I bought an LG phone over a decade ago, one that was pretty rare, modelled on a Blackberry, one of those models that O2 does briefly and that you then can’t find anywhere else. It’s indestructible! No, I have never thrown that one at a wall, but I have dropped it many many times – outside too – and all that has been affected over time, by age, was its energy management. (It does not always know whether its battery is full or empty.)

I use it mainly as an MP3 player and for notes and reminders these days.

Maybe that sturdiness is why LG is shutting down its phone department? (If that is the case, then that would show why the planet is going to hell in a handcart because of our wastefulness.)

They’re also very user-friendly, LG phones.

I have another LG phone that I use for 2FA only.

And I have one that I got because of the settlement app and then used mainly for my videos.

(LG had 6 years of losses, tried to sell the department but the sale fell through, is what I gather.)

On another matter, time to stock up on food because if the first jab response is indicative of what happens after the second, I am gonna be ravenous this weekend. And very sleepy. All’s well that ends well, also for little M and Czarina.

But, to come back to the sustainability angle, I started making totes out of lovely old curtains. I freewheeled the first one, on a mini sewing machine, and I use that one as my shopping bag now. It’s far from perfect but it does the job. It apparently makes me look so fancy that street-fundraisers now ask me to sign up for donations in support of big charities again.

They’re lined and lovely, these bags. (I have made two more, am experimenting with size, handles and design – including bottom/bottomless – as well as thread and thread colour, but ran out of thread. I need to adjust the handle placement in one and add a little detail on the bottom, and still need to finish attaching the handles on the other one.)

The fabric has a chintz-like soft sheen and is a washed vintage Texoprint fabric (412-24333). Peach and green and cream against a lovely pale blue.

The original blue was darker, but if you wash it, as I did, as opposed to chemical cleaning, it becomes much nicer for the purpose for which I am using this fabric. Also softer, almost cuddly. I have tons of it. Almost broke my back carrying it home a few years ago, lol. I had used some of it already, but still had a lot left and my own old shopping bag was starting to grow holes, so I decided to give it a go.

(I didn’t use the best part of the fabric for the first bag, obviously. It contains a slightly worn seam edge, in fact.)

(This is my own, freewheeled shopping tote.)

Mysterious Skype calls, anyone ever had one of those?

I have a call of 1 minute and 10 seconds that took place on 6 April 2021. In the call are three other people. I only know one of them and one of the other two is not a Skype account but a German phone number.

In a Skype chat message, the person who I know told me it showed up on that person’s screen too and the person didn’t know what to make of it either.

The person recognised the German phone number as well as the fourth person. Skype indicates that the person who knows me added me to this call.

Is there such a thing as Skype viruses?

Or is there some kind of logical explanation that escapes me?

And now, your little bit of sunshine for the day

Woman sacked by Lloyds becomes headhunted by others for what got her fired from Lloyds.

This sort of experience tells you where to shop and bank and do your other business, doesn’t it?

Wasn’t Lloyds also the bank that did not support one of its black bank managers after he was wrongfully arrested by the Met? Yes, indeed.

A nice example of how a belief in appearances gets it wrong

And this is only a very simple example:

“People from Essex and London were judged to be less intelligent than people from other areas.”

“In addition, people who are working class (from across all of south east England) were judged to be less intelligent, friendly and trustworthy than middle class people.”

“And people from an ethnic minority were judged less intelligent than white people…”

Based only on their accent.

And it’s not me who is “making this up”. It’s Dr Amanda Coles’ work. She is a post-doctoral researcher.

And she too, by the way, is often assessed as less intelligent than many others.

Based only on her accent.

The article mentions “self-bias”. This is also a major problem here where I live. A lot of people here assume that if you live here, you HAVE to be stuck in poverty forever, that there is nothing else out there for them. This is how they see themselves, as poor powerless sods.

That can also make them pretty resentful.