Still no sound on my PC

I had a Skype call with someone in Amsterdam on Wednesday. (Just catching up with someone.) There was no sound when the other person rang me, but it kicked in shortly after.

After the call, I found I had no sound in my Chrome-style browser.

I did still have sound in Firefox. That then suddenly disappeared too.

This sort of stuff has happened a few times in the past decade. Sounds being played – for “fun” – on my computer, that too has happened a few times. I managed to record it once or twice.

What it is about? This, perhaps? (See below) Yep. A little kid screaming for attention.

That image appeared on my screen in March 2020, after an incoming payment had been interfered with yet again. That had been happening for about six months back then.

It also used to be the case that I could not make WhatsApp calls without OK-ing that they were recorded, the recordings ending up somewhere else (not on my equipment and not on the equipment of who I was talking with). People I spoke with on WhatsApp were not happy about that.

What this means? Well, for example, that someone can splice those recordings together, spoof my mobile number and make it appear that I am calling someone when I am not doing anything of the kind. It is also possible that it was done to be able to have calls translated into English. What else? Oh, just being able to listen to the recordings, perhaps, and play them a lot.

Why the sound has been disabled on my computer? Because of my response to having been sent a book by someone (no note, no sender, some “usual” oddities), I suspect.

Punishment. Anger. Frustration. On the part of the person who sent the book. There had been something about my screen earlier, before the Skype call – or, someone moving my screen to a few things, rather – that pointed at something like that (to “consequences” of what I had written about that delivery of a package, and not knowing whether the messages about it were spoofed or not, and being concerned about it etc). That kind of thing has happened before.

(There is a Zoom meeting on Monday that the person who did this probably thinks is very important to me. It may be because of that. So that I won’t be able to listen. I don’t know, of course; I am just guessing.)

One thought on “Still no sound on my PC

  1. Yes yes yes! Fixed!
    It may have been triggered by a system update. I doubt it, in view of the “warning” that I received, but… who knows. Anyway, I had to download a prog and tweak some settings and stumble upon whatever the issue was. (I had to tweak it twice, too; fixing it in admin did not fix it for the lower level.)


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