Have just found an image on my site that I did not upload. Shows tables, chairs and a parasol, no people. Outdoor seating at a restaurant or coffee shop. Had a look to see if I could find where it came from, but Google didn’t recognise it. No idea what it is doing among my image files, let alone who uploaded it and why. This sort of stuff has happened before over the years. It usually holds no specific significance as far as I can tell. (I think it’s merely a taunting statement about violating my boundaries as well as breaking the law and getting away with it.)

Am experiencing some possible interference with a Word document that I am working on, too, but it does not matter. I noticed an odd difference in file size (think “removing a lot of text but ending up with a file that is half an MB bigger”) as well as jumping of the mouse to certain files in the related directory, in one case possibly pointing toward “ass hole”. The problem with the document is that constantly pages are being added, duplicated and removed.

Am trying to upload a PDF of said document and find that I can’t.

(After I posted the above, I then could upload it. Hmm. I wonder if the Word document will now also behave normally again. I get the impression that someone in my computer does not want me to say certain things, but stopping me from saying them makes me more intent on saying them. Me not saying them does not make them go away, in any case. Hmm. I may have to find a compromise? I don’t see how, though. I’ll have another read.)

For now, this article on the BBC site is a really nice read.

Okay, lol, my copy and paste’s been having weird hiccups too today and yesterday.

Okay, after I posted that, I was finally able to paste the above link, without even needing to go copy it again.


Fun, eh?

Who this is, in my computer? No idea. Can’t see who it is after all. Person must be too much of a scaredy-cat to show his face?

But he sure wants tons of attention!

Which also was clearly reflected in that message of March 2020, come to think of it.

All I can continue to do is wait for whoever this is to get tired of me and move on. But, somehow, I doubt that that will ever happen.

The next morning (7 June 2021, shortly after 8am)
I start working on the Word file on my old computer. It suddenly freezes. I need to flip the power switch. I often need to flip the power switch on the new computer too.

I also noticed, again, that the view count I have for my YT videos is higher on my computer (logged in) than on my phone (not logged in). I’ve noticed that before, but this could be a YT thing. On one of my videos, I suddenly had about 5,000 views less, 7 to 10 days ago (a little over 35,000 instead of a little over 40,000) (logged in), but that too could be a YT thing. It’s happened before, however, and he’s indicated before that this is something that he does. Something about a local network.

His current problem, btw? He objects to the foreword to something that I have written. It was also the file that I initially couldn’t upload, yesterday.

Sure. I will meekly roll over now and let everyone walk over me.

(I’ll remove the bits that he does not want me to talk about. He wants to look sweet and caring to the rest of the world. He does not want the world to know that I have reasons to be concerned and what it is that I am concerned about. But it’s okay. These things do not need to be in the booklet. He’s right about that. They’ll only distract.)

I haven’t checked whether he’s meanwhile restored sound in my browsers. There is a discussion later today with the Mayors of Los Angeles and London as well as a group of young climate activists. I suspect that he thinks that this is important to me. (No.) But I can only guess. (14:53: Yes, I was wrong. Sound’s been wiped out on the entire computer and that’s so that I can’t make – edit – videos; it also explains an odd e-mail I got this morning from “tec and biz”, about the importance of videos. OK, it is a mere variation on the old theme, then. Experimenting with the little lab rabbit that I am, in his eyes, cutting off more and more avenues to see how I respond to that. Duh.) (18:57: Now followed by an e-mail from “tec biz”.)

Turns out that changes I carried out yesterday evening have disappeared, namely two references in the references and resources list. I added and saved them on the new computer. I don’t think I carried out any other changes. (The irregularities that occurred on my birthday last year happened on my old computer.)

What I am also seeing is that the monitor that is off (attached to my new computer) gets activated when I step to my old computer. Yeah, that too has happened before. Oh yeah, it’s deliberate.

Sting. Every step you take.

The mysterious anonymous hacker still sees a problem in the foreword, that is, he is not happy with something that I have written. (15:11: see now revised foreword at bottom of post.)

Also, there are things that tell me that he is currently in my older computer. I have mentioned this before, that hackers do not always know that when they are in someone else’s equipment, that equipment can reveal their presence in unexpected ways. When I notice such things, I keep quiet about it, of course.

I just found “unpublished changes” for a book that I have had on Amazon for over a year. What does that mean? I assume that I was adapting keywords or some other minor detail in the description and that the computer froze again while I was doing this or whatever and that I never got around to completing these changes at the time and did not spot the unpublished changes until today. It conveniently reminds me that there was another change in the description that I wanted to carry out. Maybe this was just an Amazon hiccup, nothing hacking-related.

I do know that my hacker likes one of my photos much more than another one that I have been using on my book covers. He likes this one:

One thought on “Developments

  1. For the record, yes, I did manage to verify that Anthony Hurdles né Burstow is still in prison. He could, in theory, have gotten an early release from his life sentence shortly before my stalking began, but he was not released back then.


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