She’s making it up!

Yeah, right. Keira Knightley is making it up too. There is no misogyny in Britain. (Just like there is no racism in Britain, eh.)

We’re all feeble-minded delusional cows. Defective humans. Because we are not men.

And Keira Knightley isn’t a day over 45 yet. It gets worse once you hit the big 45. That seems to be the age beyond which you lose your right to exist.

(Maybe she was not talking specifically about England or Britain. Go buy Harper’s Bazaar to find out.

Anyway, nah, there is no misogyny in Britain. That “ugly cow” who made that UN assessment was making that all up, too, that Britain seems to be the worst in the world in that respect.

(Just like black people have been making it all up. The idea that there is racism here.)

(CNN, a year ago)

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