A nice example of how a belief in appearances gets it wrong

And this is only a very simple example:


“People from Essex and London were judged to be less intelligent than people from other areas.”

“In addition, people who are working class (from across all of south east England) were judged to be less intelligent, friendly and trustworthy than middle class people.”

“And people from an ethnic minority were judged less intelligent than white people…”

Based only on their accent.

And it’s not me who is “making this up”. It’s Dr Amanda Coles’ work. She is a post-doctoral researcher.

And she too, by the way, is often assessed as less intelligent than many others.

Based only on her accent.

The article mentions “self-bias”. This is also a major problem here where I live. A lot of people here assume that if you live here, you HAVE to be stuck in poverty forever, that there is nothing else out there for them. This is how they see themselves, as poor powerless sods.

That can also make them pretty resentful.