What had happened (besides the usual 24/7 stuff)

Yesterday evening, my Skype window kept getting opened all the time. He – whoever – would not let me upload my latest booklet to Amazon – I had tried for a week – and I decided to put it on my website and on ResearchGate and be done with it.

While I was on ResearchGate, I discovered some new stuff about a “business card” and profile, and I found that ResearchGate – was it really Researchgate? – had added some CV details that were incorrect (different countries, different years) so I decided to correct that and – heck, why not – add a few details, make it more complete.

Meanwhile, this inane Skype shit continued to happen.

Then suddenly my goddamn computer froze again, and I was suddenly on some GREEN YouTube page in my browser. (15 June: A very ugly yellowish green, probably Pompey speak for “we think your channel is shite”. That’s deliberate. So that there is not a lot of damage you/he/they/it can do. 16 June: Or, did that refer to the Green Party meeting on Zoom? That I didn’t attend, for obvious reasons?) Had to flip the power switch, as I so often need to do to get out of the goddamn hacker freezes – and Linux installs do not like that.

At the end of May, I had started getting those weird e-mails about some package on the way for me. That turned out to be some stupid book. (16 June: Okay that book was meant well. But, just about every time I want to do anything, he yells “no no no no, you can’t do that” and puts a stop to it one way or another. I think that is because he lacks perspective, in a way. I have run into this before. He only sees things from his side, to some degree, and overlooks practicalities in my life at times.)

While that book was on its way to me, sound got disabled on my PC. (I had signed up to two online events that I didn’t attend.)

On Wednesday, I suddenly found this page in the image below open on my screen. (I was doing something else at the time, wasn’t at my computer.)

I decided to ignore it because all it spells is sadism. “You are powerless and we/I can do whatever the hell we/I want and we/I will sabotage everything you do, whatever it is, as we/I have already been doing for over a decade.” This shit is soo soo soo immensely vicious.

It is so abusive.

On Saturday morning, my browser briefly flipped to BBC weather. That’s happened before. It seems to be intended to hint that it’s nice weather and maybe I should go for a walk so that some vicious shit can pick the locks again while I am out and carry out some nasty or crazy shit in my flat while I am out.

It has also once been done by a young woman at one of the public libraries; I did go for a walk, ran into bizarre stuff along the way and came home to my door demonstratively standing open and the following morning, I discovered that some bizarre shit had happened in my bathroom while I was out.

There was more last week but it does not matter. (Stalkers stalk just about 24/7 after all and most of their shit is really really boring. All you can do is… nothing. Just wait till this shit finally finally finally stops. You can’t do anything of substance, really.)

Some vicious shit had been in my flat again on 10 May too.

(Wanna take a guess as to who that may have been?)

Phones continue to get shut off – so that for example I miss my eye drops reminder – and rebooted and some get hot.

I don’t seem to be reachable at all on my main phone (except when it’s stalking-related). It is also possible that one phone – the one from which I called yesterday – has been disabled such that calls seem to go out but don’t. Hard to tell what is what if you don’t own a single piece of equipment that has not been hacked to shreds yet.

Whoever is doing this is a vicious sadistic monster.

As you saw in the other post, I totally demolished my phone (which I use for tethering my PC to; yes, I had thrown that phone against the wall before, then replaced the screen, but this time, I proceeded to demolish it entirely, on purpose) and I also threw the stupid book into the trash. Then I went for a long walk. (Ran into a misogynistic piece of shit along the way but nothing much happened. I am so fed up with England’s immense and immensely shameless misogyny.)

I have put the SIM into the phone that no longer seemed to be working anyway, in terms of being able to make calls and send texts. It gives me internet access (but my phone credit is about to run out; well, within a few days).

There is a local Green Party meeting on Zoom today but I won’t attend, for obvious reasons, just like I did not attend the previous one either. (Whoever is doing this to me won’t think twice about doing anything to anyone for any reason after all – which is actually usually no reason at all, other than “because he can”. If it is something local, he is more motivated to do some stupid shit, however.)

3 thoughts on “What had happened (besides the usual 24/7 stuff)

  1. It looks like all or almost all of my e-mail and postal mail continues to be grabbed and redirected too, by the way. (That began as far back as in 2008, I now suspect. Certainly some of my e-mail began to get interfered with back then. Looking back, I can recognise the pattern in a few odd things that occurred back then.)


  2. When he (whoever) is messing around with me, I also constantly get the message “There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below.”

    I think he is trying to suggest that he has altered what I wrote when he does that. Just to mess with me.


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