Throwing oil against a mirror

A few days ago, I noticed that a mirror in my home seemed to be soiled with oil. I cleaned it, somewhat.

A few days later, I discovered that that same mirror had droplets of oil all over it. A nearby closet had droplets of oil on it too.

So, whoever it was has gone into my home and splashed oil – likely from my bottle of olive oil – against a mirror.


Merely to annoy me?

To tell me that it is my role in general to help people see themselves more clearly????

To let me know that I am not seeing myself clearly any longer? (How would the person know? I keep some of my thoughts to myself, after all.)

To indicate that whoever this is has NPD and needs me to help him see himself clearly, more positively? Sound weird? Yeah!

But your guess is as good as mine.

Why would someone go into someone’s home when the person is out and throw oil against a mirror? Ideas welcome.

Also, I have been getting winter-themed e-mails, ads etc.

And my website’s editing layout has changed back again to what it used to be. As of now. Permanently? Time will tell.

The harddisk keeps indicating that… he is angry? Whoever “he” is, in practice. Yep, he is a skilled hardware hacker. Better at hardware-hacking than at software-hacking.

He may well think that he is helping me. I do keep getting the sense that there is autism involved and a heck of a lot of frustration at being misunderstood, but I also know that whatever is going on is more complicated than that.

Keeps freezing the PC from time to time, but only briefly. Loves to mess with me, yeah. Just because he can, is my impression. It does not usually have a specific meaning.

(Seem to be getting all sorts of hints suggesting that I must leave/travel, again, too. Yeah, that too has happened before.)

The computer froze “permanently” at 9:11.

The website editing layout changed again after that, as far as I can tell.

And, ah, okay, I am now sharing other people’s views of someone instead of what used to be mine? Something like that.

And apparently or perhaps he does his stuff as a way of beating depression. (Except, I am a real live human being, not a puppet in a video game.) I know he struggles with sadness. He’s mentioned it before.

2 thoughts on “Throwing oil against a mirror

  1. But maybe I spoke too soon (and yeah, apparently, it’s about DID in two people, and that I can handle, to to speak, whereas other conditions are often much harder for me to be at peace with). The complication is that Portsmouth has its own very peculiar culture and brand of humour that is only hilarious to locals and I am subjected to that too, along with a heck of a lot of otherisation. It isn’t always easy to tell what’s what as it’s all anonymous.

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