What does the NHS mean to me?

I get about 1 e-mail per day at the moment. Yesterday’s e-mail was a survey about what the NHS means to me.

Too many bigoted and abusive people who ruin it for good people. That is what the NHS means to me.

I will never have any kind of surgery at an NHS facility. I would literally rather die or, actually, I would prefer to pay for the surgery myself because I would also be paying to get treated with the normal human respect that everyone human being deserves.

I know that I am not the only one who feels this way. Shortly after I moved to Portsmouth, I had a conversation with a group of women in Palmerston Road. One of those women was considerably older than I was. She had lived in the US for decades. She felt that the way English doctors treat slightly older women is downright appalling. I don’t think that she was alone in that opinion.

It is not an NHS problem. It is an English problem. But as the NHS is supposed to look after people’s health, it should be aware of this problem and should be working hard to eradicate this problem within the NHS.

Has it been doing anything along those lines?

I doubt it. I was a member of the Solent NHS Trust for some years (but the contact address they had for me was at an internet domain that my hacker wiped out for me and I never attended any of their meetings). I did raise the issue at some point and asked how it was being dealt with.

I don’t think it gets much attention within the NHS.

As it happens, I made a video about this a while ago and it’s scheduled to be released tomorrow. I don’t remember what exactly I said. I don’t think that I spoke about how I was judged to be a drunk mostly on the basis of my age and single status by the first GP I encountered in England, but I probably mentioned it in the video’s description.

England has a huge misogyny problem and it has a huge problem with “demonising” (as the Guardian has called it) slightly older people.

That adds up into a lot of hate for older women.

It’s not on.

It should not be allowed to exist within the NHS either as it results in public health damage.

Women’s health issues are considered the issues of whiny children who want a cookie. Older women’s health issues are seen as the whining of ornery people who do not know their place and are supposed to crawl into a corner and shut up. Both are appalling.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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