Here we go again

Thursday evening: The usual gang abuse online. This gang has now also started to leave written notes with similar BS, thereby confirming that the massive abuse I get online from time to time comes from locals. It is not the abuse in itself that I object to. It’s what it means. The practical implications of it.

This morning: I log into my business bank for my VAT return, get a notice that that they’ve sent me a letter and to contact them at such and such e-mail address. I have had no such letter and the e-mail address apparently does not even exist.

This morning: I log into my personal bank account and it tells me that I have started to fill out an application. For something called a junior ISA. (And the bank’s website has not asked me for my log-in code for one or two years now. Even though I have no fixed IP address and have changed computers. It’s also happened that I had to flip the power off my computer because it froze while I was logged in at a bank and after my two computer log-ins after that cold reboot found that I was still logged in at my bank.)

I also seem to be missing a letter from a railway company?

This morning: I am amending my LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn tells me that I am also amending it on another device. Nope. I check and there is only one active session.

This is not an exhaustive summary.

4 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Oh. He’s probably trying to make me conclude that I have DID, lol. Multiple personalities. That another personality logged into my bank account and applied for a junior ISA. Ha ha, very funny.

    He – whoever that is – has tried that before, after all. For a long time.

    He also tried to make me believe that I had blood cancer once.

    And god knows what else. Just about anything that he could think of, it felt like.

    Stupid hackers. Argh. And their genuinely maliciously psychopathic local troll posses. Can’t go anywhere without getting attacked. Whether it’s a bandstand gig, an art exhibition, a gig in Palmerston Road, a bank, online, begging for food, a course, anything, you always get attacked in this town. God forbid anyone might simply be happy and having a good time.


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