Message for, eh, kaaskoppen

I used to send lovely postcards from all over the world to all over the world and I used to get many, too.

The internet put a stop to that. A pity.

In spite of Brexit, I still see this Janssen Flowerexport b.v. truck very often, which really pleases me, but it is a newer truck now and it no longer says “‘t Komt goed.” on the back. I so loved seeing that every time. Such a very simple statement and so immensely powerful at the same time.

A message for Nadiya Hussain

Nadiya Hussain: ‘I’ve wanted to bleach the brown out of me’

“There are times when I’ve wanted to bleach the brown out of me – because life would have been so much easier if I wasn’t brown, if I wasn’t Bangladeshi, if I could just be like everybody else.”

Nadiya… I’ve found myself wondering if I would also have been abused in England if I had not been white.

Yes, of course I would have. But I would have been abused in different ways. And I’ve wondered if for instance that might have meant that I would have been part of a community. Other questions have gone through my mind too, related questions.

This – otherisation and abuse – is not about skin tone alone.

These issues of otherisation are much bigger. They affect almost everyone who is not a well-to-do, able-bodied and mentally mainstream white male.

They affect us differently and they affect some of us much more than others.

But they do affect many more of us than we tend to be aware of and once that starts sinking in and we see how many of us there are, we’ll all see the power and beauty in that and can start empowering each other to a much greater extent. That’s what I hope.

(Though I am often much too angry for that these days, granted. Otherisation makes us want to build walls around us.)

Do I have the answers for how to do that?

No. I have always many more questions than answers.

Update Aquind

I have gotten the information I asked from PCC. (Thanks Jane.)

It turns out to have been Nick Walton (MSc CGeol CCghem, UoP) who gave that talk. The remark he made is not in the slides and not in the minutes and Nick is not at one of the water companies or the like. He is still at the UoP.

This is not the result I was looking for, but it was worth a shot. I remembered Nick as a member of the forum; I’ve e-mailed with him once or twice, but we were both only in the forum for a very short time. (I think he used to be known as Chemical Nick on a radio show? Or was that someone else?)

It still means that what I wrote earlier is true, that what he – Nick, apparently – said about the depth of the aquifer layers under Portsmouth or whatever exactly it was that gives Portsmouth an advantage relative to its surroundings in times of water shortages might be something worth protecting and preserving.