Message for, eh, kaaskoppen

I used to send lovely postcards from all over the world to all over the world and I used to get many, too.

The internet put a stop to that. A pity.

In spite of Brexit, I still see this Janssen Flowerexport b.v. truck very often, which really pleases me, but it is a newer truck now and it no longer says “‘t Komt goed.” on the back. I so loved seeing that every time. Such a very simple statement and so immensely powerful at the same time.

One thought on “Message for, eh, kaaskoppen

  1. Janssen is a family business that was started in 1985, with only one lorry. They now operate three cooled articulated lorries that provide potted plants and flowers to 140 florists all over the south of England. I know of two florists they service around the corner from me.

    With Florimark Good Trade Practice (GTP) certificate! The certificate is given on the basis of among other things social (societal), environmental and quality requirement and also looks at the level of cooperation within the (product) chain and staff treatment, for example.

    They even featured in a BBC documentary. Not bad, eh?

    I just walked by the lorry again. Always makes me smile.

    I have on occasion shouted “hee, kaaskoppen!” to the guy in the lorry (instantly conveying that we share the same nationality). Decided not to do that today. Two people today. They were talking.

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