Floods in Europe

My relatives are in flood-stricken areas. One of my sisters has a shop pretty close to the Meuse River and I hope it’s okay. No idea. My sisters’ homes may be flooded. No idea.

I found out by accident. I had no idea that this was going on.

In Florida, that kind of Dutch news would be in the local newspaper. It was at one point, in fact, and someone asked me if my family was affected when a different part of the Netherlands was flooded.

What we have now is clearly related to global (not just climate) change, affecting at least three countries.

Update 16 Jul : more than three, yes. 120 dead and many missing.


Oh, and yes, when you’re in the UK, “Europe” that’s the EU. That is, the continent part of the EU. Ireland has a different status, also within the immigration context. The term EU citizens usually refers to people from the continent.

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