Covid lovers will love this, for sure.

I just went into a shop and another female shopper walked to the till and gave me a very angry look.

It was around 1pm on Friday. What was I supposed to have done this time? People here make up tons of (sometimes pretty vicious) shit about me – aka gossip – but that is usually spread on Friday and Saturday evening, right?

But it was not that, for a change. Hooray! *dances*

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She started talking to the guy at the till, about face masks. He was surely going to take it off on Monday?

She turned around and gave me another angry look.

Holy shit, it was about my face mask! Yippee. It wasn’t personal for a change. Hallelujah!

She said that she knew someone (health-compromised or not?) who got Covid who had been wearing masks (correctly, or on on his chin?) and had gotten his vaccinations.

“Does not stop you from getting it, does it?” she commented.

I had to say something now, normally a big faux pas in England if you haven’t been addressed, but her angry looks had included me in the conversation.

“Yeah, it’s better not to use an umbrella in the rain either”, I said very calmly and in an agreeable matter-of-fact tone.

(This is the part that my friend Julie will likely love.)

Not surprisingly, I had to repeat it. She initially figured she must have misunderstood.

“Nutter” she thought, next.

A moment later, it sank in and a wry smile dropped down her face.

SHE WAS RIGHT, though!

Getting vaccinated does not stop you from getting COVID.

But it does help stop you dying from it.

That took a while for me too, to sink in, when I saw that the vaccines are only – what was it, 60% or whatever – effective in stopping you from getting COVID.

But they are 95 to 100% effective in stopping you from needing to be hospitalised with COVID.

They stop you from dying.

Love COVID that much that you’d love to end up on a ventilator with it? Be my guest. (Well, not literally.)

I do hope that the person she knows who got infected recovers soon and well.

I have said it before and I will say it again. This sort of negative attitude towards vaccination partly comes from people feeling that they have almost no options in life.

When their government tries to shaft them again and cram another thing down their throat – whether they are aware of it or not, this is how they feel; this is VISCERAL – they will try to create more options for themselves.

And this is one of the ways in which they do it.

I saw this in myself too, with so much abuse going on in my life. I was not very keen on getting the vaccine. But I realised that the reason for it was that refusing to take the vaccine gave me an extra option and made me feel slightly more empowered.

Because my attitude was unusual. I am one of those scientific types, after all. So what’s up with my rebellious attitude, I wondered. At first, I thought that I was just being generally childishly anti-English. Ouch, I thought. Had I sunk that low?

I am now fully vaccinated. Because I can override the visceral part of me. (Okay, I also wanted to see some more data first. But it was not just that.)

What pushed me over the line was seeing that when the rules were relaxed slightly, particularly most non-vaccinated (i.e. young) people stopped distancing, which made it much harder for me distance too in this busy street environment. That not only meant that my chances of getting COVID-19 were going up but my chances of passing it on, too.

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