Covid pass and the corona check app

Yesterday, I wondered what is happening internationally, whether I for example am allowed to travel internationally now that I am fully vaccinated and with an EMA-approved vaccine.

I found that apparently, I cannot travel to Belgium without quarantining, unless I am only travelling through it.

I found that the Dutch have the official “corona check” app, but that does not work yet with the UK’s vaccination system, as far as I can tell. This Dutch app is also linked to the EU app and/or the apps in other EU countries. There is some kind of thing that applies for all EU countries. A DCC?

The UK’s tangible vaccination proof is useless. Anyone can print these off and complete. There is a discarded vaccination card at my door downstairs, with no name on it and the data for someone’s first jab.

So I was curious as to what was happening digitally… I downloaded and installed the NHS app from which apparently you can get something called a COVID Pass if you’ve been tested, vaccinated or have recovered. Took me a while, but I did eventually manage to get a COVID Pass. It is valid for two days.

It’s supposed to be valid for 30 days, though.

So, yeah, that’s working well, then, lol.

But in practice, these COVID Passes are often used for events, so maybe it makes sense from that point of view. Still, it’s odd. But at least the digital records apparently are holding up well. That’s good.

The EU’s DCC seems to be similar to the UK’s Covid Pass, except that the validity may be different.

2 thoughts on “Covid pass and the corona check app

  1. Next, I read that the NHS Covid app is suddenly working so well that loads of people are ditching it, with over half a million people suddenly having been told to self-isolate.

    Now I have something to laugh about. At least that’s good for one’s health!

    Apparently, people who I never come in contact with but who live in an adjacent building who happen to get infected could cause the app to tell me to self-isolate.

    • Oops, apparently 1.6 million were told to self-isolate.

      It’s causing wide-spread staff shortages. That could be good for some of us, though.

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