Why some EU migrants in the UK may be toast

We EU migrants get no tangible proof of our status.

If someone challenges our status, we are supposed to get the Home Office to send us a code on the mobile number that we used to apply to stay (which is called Settled Status).

Any hacker – probably even any low-level script kiddie – can interfere with that and stop a legal EU migrant from proving her or his legal status.

In order to apply to stay, I needed a relatively high-end phone that could read the chip in my passport. Had been looking online for a while. One day I found one offered on Amazon, at a good price. (It was supposed to be new. It was a slightly different model with one SIM card slot instead of two slots, and that explained the lower price in my eyes.)

When I got that phone, and wanted to use a brand-new clean SIM card in it that had not yet been hacked, I found that I couldn’t. I ended up being forced to use my regular SIM card, the one on which I already seem to experience a lot of interference at times.

At some later point, a remote access app spontaneously appeared on that phone, too.

So I am pretty sure that whoever is messing with me – also on the phone that contains that SIM card – has the ability to make it impossible for me to prove my legal immigration status. All it takes is to block the Home Office code and/or sending me a fake/altered code.

Like I said, I am pretty sure that all the script kiddies on the block know how to do that.

I am not saying that they will, but that they very probably can.

If you start with a blank, clean phone and SIM card, it’s a different story. If your phone and SIM card already were compromised, you’re probably toast.

The same person who does this kind of stuff to me also knows how to knock out my phone’s access to the nearest cell tower. That is, he was able to do that about five years ago, forcing me to leave my home and walk to the next cell tower every time. I don’t know whether that is still possible. If that is still possible, then that would be another way to block the Home Office’s code of reaching my phone.

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