Here we go again. And I won the jackpot!

Trying to renew the domain name for my business, and similar shit is happening as happened last year, when I lost the business website. Btw, the OLD domain name is now for sale for a few thousand bucks – because it was that good and such a solid website once, yes. Thanks, hacker.

Its associated e-mail address went up poof into thin air at the same time.
(Maybe I did something wrong, here. Will check into that. Did. No, doesn’t look like it.)

I continue to get kicked out of google.

And I just got this e-mail

Your account has been suspended
Your Google Ads account xxx-xxx-xxx has been suspended for violating our Circumventing Systems policy.

I don’t do Google ads. The e-mail looks legit. Is it? No idea.

I’ve reported it as phishing.

And in the middle of the night, I heard a phone ping and it had the strange message on it that it was unable to connect to a network. It does not have a working SIM card in it.

I think it happened to have a SIM card in it at the moment, but it is an un-activated one; see this post for more about this strange story:

Will check and remove any SIM from it, sigh.

I currently don’t even have ONE properly functioning up-to-date phone!

Hackers who attack people who are forced to use ancient phones for which security software does not even exist any longer are cowardly wimps, no matter how loudly they yell


when they break into such a phone.

And if they do so at the direction of Mr GM, then that makes it all the more despicable, doesn’t it?

A few hours later, I spotted another odd message on a phone. It disappeared as I picked up the phone. Something about “the end”, I think.

One or two hours after that, something happened that confirmed something I’d been suspecting for a while.

What that was about? Well, I haven’t had a properly working phone in a long time. They all get hacked and eventually completely demolished, my phones, particularly also because I often make do with very old ones for which there is no longer any security software.

But purchases of new phones get picked up on much quicker than purchases of used phones, in one of the many shops where you can buy a used phone, often at relatively high prices (depends; it’s mainly Cex that sucks).

I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a new phone in another town some time ago and I was fortunate enough that it was both still a fairly new one and one that still has a battery that you can take out.

So I NEVER used it in my home.

Not near my home either.

I always put the battery in before I used it and removed the battery after I used the phone, usually at a great distance from my home. Oh yeah, I have learned a few things in the past decade.

And yet, from the second time I used it, I had the feeling that that phone too had already been spotted. Perhaps it was because the SIM card that I purchased with it was not working and I had to go into an official phone shop to get that sorted out. Maybe that is how I gave it all away. Or perhaps because I found myself sitting in front of a closed establishment’s outdoor camera that time, which I spotted too late. But heck, the establishment was closed.

This afternoon, it became clear that yep, this phone too is toast.

And to confirm it, I just got knocked out of my Zoom account on my PC and one of the available addresses for signing in again was “payment” with the name of the provider for that specific SIM card inserted into it.

CC to Mr Gerald Vernon-Jackson. He e-mailed me on 11 July and, in view of all the shenanigans that go on in my life here in Portsmouth, I wonder whether Mr Vernon-Jackson knows that he-mailed me.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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