4 thoughts on “This is no joke, is it?

  1. And what do the Dutch do? Volunteers from places like Almere – near Amsterdam – go to Limburg, to help evacuate patients, deliver postal mail, groceries and what not, whatever’s needed. #reddingsbrigade #vrijwilligers

    When this sort of disasters happen in the UK, Boris Johnson goes on vacation and at best spouts some insulting gibberish.

    Mark Rutte was in Venlo yesterday. He’s declared the Province of Limburg a formal disaster area, which means that if people’s insurance does not cover damages, the state will. (How this is going to work out in practice, time will tell, of course, but generally speaking, the Dutch have a much higher moral standard than the UK government.)

  2. “You’ve been stuck in your home for two days now? How do you pass the time, then? What do you do?”



    None – okay some; the second woman calls it a nightmare and is clearly stricken – of the usual ugly and so utterly depressing incessant whining of the English over there, by the sound of it. Glad to hear it!

    • “The kids are safe, my wife is safe, I am safe, what’s left, it’s just material.”

      THIS – people – is why I often get so damn depressed in my current environment with its incessant whinging, whining, and criticising of others.

      You English are often such a wimpy pathetic mess by contrast (not to mention often aggressive, but the aggression comes from the utterly powerless, so that has a different background).

      Except in small pockets like Extinction Rebellion, I suppose, where people do manage to keep each other enthusiastic and energised, apparently.

      Same goes for many Americans with their positive can-do spirit.

      But I’ve noticed over the years that this too may have been changing a bit.

      It saddens me and fills me with grief and despair when I see how increasingly more negative I am becoming and how increasingly more powerless I am becoming just because of where I am, geographically speaking.

      Initiative is frowned upon, must be a good sheep.

      No folks. That is not me.

  3. Now here is the sad thing. I have no idea whether the two calls I made to my sister went to my sister or to Cissy Lee. Because Cissy Lee does a lot of this kind of stuff, gets so so so jealous when I spend any attention on anyone else.

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