Are things looking better?

Let’s not talk about yesterday evening and what I may or may not have noticed.

But the good news is that MY BANK PAYMENT HAS GONE OUT!

One of the problems with all this interference is that you start feeling that everything you do is futile, that it no longer matters what exactly you do, which choices you make. Because it all gets interfered with anyway.

But practically speaking, there is also this. If you lose your access to a specific e-mail address or phone number, you often also lose access to any services tied to that address or number. It can mean that various parties believe that they can no longer reach you.

What is it exactly that I am dealing with here? Well, here in town, everyone I’ve asked says that they’ve never even heard of any of the persons in question. Even people of who I know that they know at least one of them.

What that means? Embarrassment over what exactly is going on, perhaps? Their feeling of “Ouch, we’re such asses”? That seems the most likely explanation.

By the way, it’s also possible that the thing about the bank account – did you see that post before I removed it? – is someone’s way of letting me know not to bother with those forms, that it was not important. I notice that I continue to have two unread messages from my bank when I log into in my bank account, even though as far as I can see, there are none.

I often tunnel, that is, someone often has me tunnel. Likely via that person’s computer.

You can pull off a lot of crap that way, when you force someone to tunnel through your computer.

It is so so so exhausting constantly having to hide everything from whoever is doing all this stuff. Having to go into other towns to arrange things so that they will hopefully go undetected, and ending up with many different phones and phone numbers, in the hope that at least one of them will remain undetected and go free from interference.

Constantly having to be aware of which phone is where – two of them are for 2FA only, a third one provides my internet access – just in case its camera might catch me after I get out of the shower.

Your entire life ends up revolving about what one or more unknown persons may or may not do that may or may not hamper you but is guaranteed to distract you.

This morning, this website’s admin page opened at “start monetising this website” or something along those lines.

Maybe that is what I should do too. I decided to launch a donations page.

7:25: Message from ResearchGate in my e-mail on my computer.

9:14: That same message shows up on my phone, the phone to which the computer is tethered.

When I look at the message, I realise that this is because he wants to bring a certain publication to my attention. He filters my e-mail, plays secretary. What this means is that my impression of the world and my access to knowledge gets filtered by him. (This is not how my brain works best because my brain is not able to spot connections to or even remember information that it does not receive.)

It is this publication:

Novel Materials for Myco-Decontamination of Cyanide-Containing Wastewaters through Microbial Biotechnology

(Cyanide. Fungi. Some of the stuff that I used to be into.)

I go to ResearchGate and find that I have been logged out.

I log in and I get this:

405 Not Allowed


I have been getting something similar when I log into my bank on this browser.


So these error pages have to come from the entity I call “Cissy Lee”, right? Because this is typically the kind of stuff that he does.

Overnight, I got woken up by, eh, someone at 10 minutes past 2 of thereabouts. One-and-a-half hours later, I was still awake and got up to take two tablets of herbal sleep aid (extracts of hop strobile, valerian passion flower). Often, I get woken up again 2 to 3 hours later, sometimes after I have just managed to fall asleep again. That happened this time too.

I have two ways for dealing with this, besides the sleep aid. I am not going to share them.

YESTERDAY, I also suddenly spotted an e-mail from a geologist in Amsterdam that I seemed to have missed before (or that had been slotted in with an earlier time because that is the kind of thing some hackers can do too, as you’ve just realised). Was it really from this geologist or was it a spoof? Looked spoofed to me (but I say that on the basis of its contents, of course, as you usually can’t tell otherwise).

9:50 Regained access to RG.

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